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Welcome to the world of Jacmus Prime, a medieval fantasy roleplay community that uses chat and forum utilities.

Storytelling through roleplay

Roleplay and create your own stories at Jacmus Prime

How roleplay at Jacmus Prime RPG began

About twelve years ago in Yahoo Chat, Juntai Ruiken (aka Matt) began jumping in and out of chat rooms leaving behind a simple message. It wasn’t unusual to be in the middle of a very important roleplay and to see him sweep through the room, leaving behind the echo of his textual voice.

Roleplay QuoteIf I build it will you come?

- Juntai Ruiken (aka Matt)

The world of Jacmus Prime

Our world evolves with our players’ creations and fantasies. Once a thriving civilization it was forced back into dark times and magicless days by a Holocaust God War.  Slowly the people rebuilt their villages into powerful Cities only to be set upon by the walking dead or invaded by other Kingdoms.

Come play with us

Roleplay Warrior

Characters embark on group quests to retrieve artifacts with magical elements

Everyone who roleplays within Jacmus Prime, every character, has a chance to create their own story, to rebuild the world and its Gods and to discover once again the pure quintessence of magic, good and evil.

All it takes is imagination.


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