The Book of the Dead

This is the Book of the Dead.

Here be the names of those souls who have seen better days in Jacmus-Prime.

This book does not provide a complete list of the dead. No one seems to know who writes it, or when a name will appear, only that those who die in Jacmus Prime will one day be etched below this line.

If your loved one is not here, perhaps you need to visit the Undertaker’s of Lotuvira.

Deceased Name Date Interned Method Transcript Service
Dryconix Aug 3, 02 Death by Sword Yes No
Exodia Dec, 02 Thrown into Lava No No
Zarukai Nov, 1, 02 Combustion (battle) Yes No
Litchlore Nov, 1, 02 Battle Yes No
Babadoo Nov, 1, 02 Battle Yes No
Margesti Nov, 1, 02 Battle Yes No
Enoreth Jan, 5, 03 Battle Yes No
Miraojar Feb 5, 03 Death by goblins No No
Solidarity Jan, 12, 03 Killed by Maximus No No
Delithralas Mar, 15, 03 Killed in sleep No No

Book of the dead


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