Very rarely will the traveler come across the Nightmare; they live in but one location in the midst of Finaru, and that location is hidden to all but three individual. However, there comes the once-in-a-blue-moon instance that the Nightmare escapes this sacred area. Normally a peaceful creature, the Nightmare will become lost, confused, and eventually … Read more


In the ruins of the underground Dwarven city of Silverdeep, there is a massive labyrinth, designed by the infamous engineering genius Kalim Stone-Crest. The maze is a 144 square mile network of intricate tunnels and corridors. Throughout these earthen passageways rest thousands of unique traps and dangers, from falling floors to crushing boulders to poison-tipped … Read more


Patchwork creatures — those created artificially from parts of different beasts — are often the most violent beings to walk the land. The Manticore is no exception. This fearsome foe loathes every other living organism, and thoroughly enjoys ripping them limb from limb, regardless of species. Its head is that of a demon, fangs dripping … Read more


These stunningly strong behemoths are very rarely found, and the danger of a traveler running into one is very slim. However, there are certain signs that one is approaching, or being approached; the traveler would be wise to keep these in mind towards the effort of avoiding them. The Hulks themselves are not a force … Read more


Somewhat related to the Medusa, these serpentine menaces habituate the underground of central Finaru, coming out of their earthen abodes occasionally to feast on the unsuspecting Dwarven Miner. The basilisk is an odd sort of creature, and there are three major subspecies that should be noted, each with their own little set of dangers. The … Read more


The father of the Goblin races Litchlore, fabled as the father of the goblin races, had migrated from the western greenlands to the cold harsh north in the beginning during the shaping of the world of Jacmus-Prime. Since the ancient Orc King’s passing the Kingdom has loosened its discrimination against other races supporting them in … Read more

Gollum’s Dwelling

Located on the Sargaso continent, Gollum’s dwelling lies at the farthest of Sargaso’s southeastern reaches; submitted into the pitch black of a swamp infested, boulder confinement that’s drenched with ample fish and other sea creatures to feed upon. There are only a few narrow, arduous tunnels that lead to his dank cave. Gollum’s dwelling is … Read more

Exodia Reign

In the first days of Jacmus-Prime, when the heroes and villains to be began to surface, there was one tyrant whose foul deeds changed the face of Finaru, the flourishing green lands. South of Lotuvira, the capital city of Finaru a man of noble appearance, a charismatic tongue, and an iron fist, began to build … Read more

Darkstar’s Kingdom

Nestled in the gentle vales and flowing valleys that are hidden amidst the impenetrable peaks of the Dwarven Kingdom under the Mountain, the Elven Kingdom of DarkStar spreads its mighty arms to all Elves who seek shelter. The capital City, called Elvenhome, sprawls like a giant forest through the largest of these vales. The only … Read more

Assassins Guild

Finaru’s Elite Assassins Guild Near to the north eastern tip of Finaru is a secret meeting place for a congregation of elite assassins. Strategically hidden at the base of a mountain with treacherous terrain, these paid executioners gather seeking riches and power that would benefit them most. Within the mountain and the underlying ground within … Read more