Sedian Isles

Old Fort Sedia

The Sedian isles sit quite literally ‘lost’ between the shores of Sargaso and what used to be the area of Mordor. The area flooded when new lands to the west rose suddenly from the depths, the once prosperous island is now split into a collection of smaller islands, only two of which are known to … Read more

Finaru – a prosperous continent

The continent of Finaru

The ancient land of Finaru claims the most varied and prosperous of kingdoms. Nations of dwarves, elves, humans, and many other races trace their lineage back to this continent. The vast cultural differences have lead to both unlikely alliances and bitter rivalries. The most prominent of peoples in Finaru are humans – as with most … Read more

Sargaso – a sunburnt country

Sargaso a continent of Jacmus Prime

The largest of the landmasses in Jacmus Prime, this barren land of rolling mountains was discovered by trading sea vessels hundreds of years prior to the New Era. Though drier, and less hospitable than the western lands across the sea, Sargaso boasts an overwhelming supply of natural ores for both dwarven and human smiths. Overview … Read more

Venuso – a cold land North of the equator

The land of Venuso

A bitter land of dark intrigue lies in the far North. It is a barren wasteland of ice and tundra that leaves no power to those whose arms are not strong enough to defend it.   Hardened, evolved races of troll, ogres, and even some adapted orc races to the cold weather. It is said … Read more

World of Jacmus Prime

Jacmus Prime World Map

This is the world as we see it. It is not a fully explored world, nor is the land stagnate. It is a new world born from an old – a place of upheaval, uncertainty and many probabilities. Undiscovered Lands Only a few have been brave enough to take to the seas to explore the … Read more

Gemstone magics and their discovery

Diamond Gemstone

As the celestial bodies, composed of quintessence died in the Gods War some of the chaotic energies have settled over time and can be found and harnessed through certain precious stones located across Jacmus Prime.   Mustis discovers a powerful gemstone Soon after the opening of the Hunter’s Lodge South-West Finaru, Mustis discovered the possible … Read more

God Artifacts of Di’Marshi

The city of Di’Marshi was ruled by a group of 12 gods – each left behind a magical artifact after their demise. Many of the artifacts listed here no longer dwell in the ancient city, but have long since been collected as valuable prizes. The names of their new owners, are listed beneath each artifact … Read more

Personal artifacts within Jacmus Prime

Here lie some of the more personal artifacts that can be found in Jacmus Prime. Each powerful Artifact has been painstakingly gained by the holder and contain ancient history and lore that dates back beyond the beginning times of Jacmus Prime. Personal Artifacts Juntai’s Claw This claw was given to the legendary Juntai Ruiken as … Read more

The Gods War – On a plane removed, yet one with the Prime

Autumnal bursts of cold washed over the land. The fallow fields remained empty, all hands gone, all humanity fled in terror. The end was coming, it was felt, it was here, it was all around. On a Plane removed, and yet one with the Prime a battle raged. To the sky the fearful peasants stared. … Read more