Roleplay at Jacmus Prime RPG

Welcome to the world of Jacmus Prime. Jacmus Prime RPG was a chat-based roleplay game situated in Cheetah Chat from 2001-2004. While Happy Hour is over and the taverns closed, we continue to maintain this website as a historical account of the roleplay community.

Back in the day, players from all over the world – America, Canada, New Zealand, UK, & Australia, participated in group storytelling by joining community-led quests. They also began their own chat role-play adventures using the player and world information as guides.

The world of Jacmus Prime was filled with many sword carrying heroes and heroines.

How roleplay began

In Yahoo Chat in 2001, Juntai Ruiken (aka Matt) gathered players together with a simple message.

If I build it will you come?

– Juntai Ruiken (aka Matt)

And the players came.

The world of Jacmus Prime

Our world evolved with our players’ creations and fantasies.

Once a thriving civilization a Holocaust God War forced it back into dark times and magicless days.? Over time the people began to rebuild their villages into powerful cities. But the walking dead and soldiers from invading kingdoms halted their progress.

Characters embarked on group quests to retrieve magical artifacts. First, the artifact was approved by senior?players. Then, it was listed on the website with a story of how it came into existence.

Senior players organised an event where players could quest for items. Some events took weeks to organise, roleplay and complete.

Everyone who roleplayed within Jacmus Prime, every character had a chance to create their own story, to rebuild the world and its Gods and to discover once again the pure quintessence of magic, good and evil.

All it took was the imagination.

Looking for Yahoo Chat Roleplayers?

Find them on Facebook:

The Facebook Jacmus, Eden, Tenaria, Ayenee, Babylon, Mance RPers group

Original website and design

Rather than repurpose the original design, Jacmus Prime RPG now uses WordPress.

The first-page header designed by RossAY was a labor of love. It involved raw code rather than an out-of-the-box CMS. You can view the templates for the first design in our archives and some of the subsequent themes.

Staff members like RossAY, volunteered their time and resources to maintain the website for the enjoyment of all players. In its day, the Jacmus Prime Roleplay website won many community “web awards” for its design.