Assassins Guild

Finaru’s Elite Assassins Guild

Near to the north eastern tip of Finaru is a secret meeting place for a congregation of elite assassins.

Strategically hidden at the base of a mountain with treacherous terrain, these paid executioners gather seeking riches and power that would benefit them most. Within the mountain and the underlying ground within the immediate vicinity is a complex system of caves and tunnels. Here is where the Assassin?s abode. From where home base is located near to the coast, they can reach each Finaru, Sargaso, and Venosu with much ease.

Sensei Karandai is the oldest and the most knowledgeable Assassin, having taught numerous students, only selecting the very best to go into the most ultimate, intricate detail of the assassin arts. Miscreants, Rogues, and outcasts all retreat to this somberly obscured and dank abode. Regardless of the doctrines taught, people of all origins, and assassin?s of differentiating styles are almost always accepted, though not all are educated by Karandai.

Entry Ritual

Upon request to become an active member of the Assassin?s Guild, the candidate must pass a series of three tests.

  1. Intelligence
  2. Physical prowess, and
  3. Loyalty.

Each of the three individual tests will be placed on them in the order as listed above. Should the candidate fail any of the three tests one or a combination of the following shall ensue:?escorted off of the premises, interrogated, or put to death.?After acceptance into the guild, the new member will immediately have a singular tooth taken out- the choice on which one is at their own discretion and replaced by a fake tooth filled with poison. This procedure is for the protection of the entire guild and will be mandatory. The tooth will act just like a regular tooth, but the poison can be released when excessive pressure is applied from the inside pushing out. Thus causing the fatal extract of nightshade to silence them literally within minutes.

Based on the newcomer?s critiqued potential and style, a tattoo depicting the guild?s symbol will be inscribed into their skin. Most members will have the tattoo on their left or right arm, unless firmly requested otherwise by the member. The ill effects of this tattoo would most certainly be the physical draining of energy, leaving the recipient weakened much for about a week afterwards, and also the mental damage, leaving them forever changed. The positive result will enable the bearer to broadcast simply messages, of which will be heard by all members bearing the tattoo, and the receiver will be able to vaguely tell the general direction of the dispatcher.

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