Holidays held across the countries of Jacmus Prime

Remembrance of the Gods – Gods War

A day of sorrow where families gather to retell the tales of old, back when the Gods ruled the lands of Jacmus Prime. There are few festivities on this day, and every family has a different tradition, be it a large supper, or prayer. The holiday lasts anywhere from a day to a week, depending upon the observers, and occurs after the first moon of Summer.

Day of Reflection ? Reign of Exodia

This is a day where the free peoples of Southern Finaru?celebrate their diversity, acknowledging the rifts of the past that separated elves and men and lead to a horrible and devastating war. Exodia had rallied the humans of Southern ((Finaru)) through hate and prejudice against the elves, beginning a genocide that ended when the tyrant was finally killed. This Holiday is celebrated at the end of Winter.

Mourner’s Day ? Brink of Oblivion

Though Zarukai and Litchlore were killed in the frozen North, there were no true victors of the catastrophe. All of Finaru observes this day, one spent in prayer and mourning for those brave soldiers, elves, humans, and dwarves, that marched upon the great evil that threatened to lock them all in a nightmare for eternity. On this day we give thanks to those that came before us and gave their lives so that we might continue ours in relative peace. Mourner’s Day occurs on the last full moon of Spring.

Durin’s Day ? Sons of Moria

The dwarves of the Sons of Moria celebrate the life of Durin the Deathless, the father of their race and the first king of Khazad-Dum. On the Winter equinox the dwarves gather to sing of their ancestral lands while downing a terrific number of pints. This holiday is seldom shared with races beyond the stout bearded folk, and is considered a more reserved, reflective occasion.

Spirit’s Eve ? Hunters’ Lodge

This holiday’s celebration is held somewhere in the first month of Summer. It is a relaxed, informal event held at the Hunters’ Lodge, sponsored by the wealthy dwarven clan the Sons of Moria. There are all day festivities ranging from merchant tents to elven and dwarven children games. All alcoholic beverages are free on this day, drawing men and women from all corners of Finaru?to join in the mirth and celebration.

The Reign of Fire ? IteoR

This day celebrates both the triumph of the Legions of iTeoR in the fall of Dymises, and the coming of the King to Northern Finaru. The day includes many of the sports the blood-thirsty IteoRians enjoy, such as gladatorial events, wrestling, boxing, and more academic pursuits such as the grand tournament of Stones. A game in which you place your stones across a massive board, in an attempt to cut off your opponent. The finale is a three-day drinking binge, supervised by the King. ? Of course.

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