These stunningly strong behemoths are very rarely found, and the danger of a traveler running into one is very slim. However, there are certain signs that one is approaching, or being approached; the traveler would be wise to keep these in mind towards the effort of avoiding them. The Hulks themselves are not a force to be reckoned with, even by the strongest of warriors. These green-tinted, hunched beasts walk with the ambling gait of a gorrila, giving their travel a unique three-beat sound. Their skin is as reinforced leather; they appear to be pure, rippling muscle. They dwell in caves on the outskirts of [Finaru], preferring a dark, dank environment. On occasion, a rogue psychopath will venture into the outside world to rampage upon the humanoid races, but this is an extremely rare occurrence.

They wield, for the most part, uprooted trees as their weaponry. Do not assume that this causes them to be slow, hulking foes; they swing with the ferocity of a swordsman. However, they do not possess the fastest of reflexes, and their intelligence is comparable to dirt — this is the best attribute to exploit. Employ a hit and run strategy. To defeat the Hulk, a warrior must retain and utilize fast footwork, speedy reflexes, and, above all, the endurance to keep the battle going on and on.

Do not expect to stab the Hulk and have your sword pierce its hide. It takes repeated thrusts upon the same area to even nick it; to enter the flesh is doubly difficult. It is a long, perilous battle that awaits the man who stands up to the Hulk.

They do, however, have their weak points; as with any monster, the eyes are easily pierced, and the most direct path to the brain. The wrists, if sliced, will soon lead to death, though the torrent of blood that is released should not be taken lightly; it will sweep the strongest of men off their feet, and to a harsh impact with the ground.

Rare Behemoths are found in Northern Finaru

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