Adam bites the apple

Originally Published: March 2003

An interview with Adam on Jacmus Prime Roleplay.

Zantoru walks in and sits in the reporters chair.

Meradoc spins around in his wheely chair and whistles, staring blankly up at the ceiling.

Zantoru says, Hello, Adam. I’m here today because I want to interview you on your RP history, what some of your characters are like and certain plots that you might be involved with. Sound good?

Meradoc looks down and measures the man before him, smiling softly, before giving a gentle nod.

Meradoc says, Go for it haus.

Zantoru says, First off, why don’t you tell me about your characters that you RP with in Jacmus-Prime?

Meradoc says, Well, lemme start off with Meradoc. He’s my oldest character in the realm and a dammed good one at that. I think he’s the oldest ranger in the realm. That’ll probably be argued, but I stand by my claim.

Zantoru says, Yes, I agree. He’s a good character, you play him well. I’ve also had the pleasure of RP’ing with Meradoc.

Meradoc says, You have now? Really? Hmph. I’ve roleplayed him with many. I hope he didn’t offend you at all. He’s like that y’know.

Zantoru chuckles.

Zantoru says, Any other characters you would like to tell me about?

Meradoc says, There’s an upstart named Cattrick. He used to be my lead in Eden. A wholly different character there. In Jacmus he’s a half demon being trained under the wing of Silverwing to become a dragon knight. Sounds pretty badass if y’ask me.

Zantoru says, Yes, it does sound pretty ‘badass’. Hahahahaha. (Oooh, Am I allowed to say that?) Anyways, I’ve seen Cattrick RP, what plot is he currently in with Silverwing?

Meradoc says, Well, to put it bluntly. There’s some evil aligned dragons stirring trouble in the north. Silverwing and Cattrick formed a bond, and the old Silver asked if Cat would be his ride. Cat’s only a young adult mind you, so the sound of adventure stirred him up. What kid couldn’t resist flying a dragon ‘eh?

Meradoc slides a hand through his groomed brown hair

Zantoru says, Hmmm, I’m not sure. I’m sure if Jekio runs into Cattrick, there will definitley be some issues, but let’s not get into that now….

Meradoc says, Jekio’ll be dead before he can cry for his momma’. You can be sure on that.

Zantoru says, Now, you mentioned something about Eden. How long did you RP in Eden before you found out about Jacmus-Prime?

Zantoru You just wait and see…

Meradoc says, Haha! Eden was breeding grounds for good rp if you knew the right people. Good mannered people like Nicolai and Becky. (God bless ‘er) But to answer the question. Three years before I first found out about the new Jacmus?

Meradoc says, That sounds about right.

Zantoru says, Mmm, I see. I used to RP a bit in Eden, too. But that was before it became infested by Spammers, thank god for JP, eh?

Meradoc says, Hey man! Who’s this interview about here!? You or me!?

Meradoc ‘s shoulders give rise to anger

Zantoru says, You, you, you.

Zantoru says, Please forgive me.

Meradoc calms down a bit and sits back in his chair.

Zantoru says, Anyways, what other history do you have as far as Roleplay is concerned?

Meradoc says, I traveled a bit in Ayenee, scoping out the game and seducing the ladies with the ol’ cowboy charm. Outside of chat though. I’ve played AD&D; who hasn’t right? I’ve also had a bit of experience with some of White Wolf’s productions.

Zantoru says, Mmmm, just curious, but would you like to inform me what AD&D is and tell me how it’s related to RP?

Meradoc says, You honestly don’t know what AD&D is here son’?

Zantoru says, No, I don’t.

Meradoc shrugs and gives a thoughtful gaze

Zantoru whistles waiting for his question to be answered.

Meradoc says, Well, AD&D, also known as Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, is a roleplaying game. It’s a pen and paper game though, where you roll certain sided dice to predict the outcome of certain situations. I play mainly for the actual roleplay though, where you interact with others. I personally play with a group of friends on the weekends. Forgotten_Matt happens to be one of them.

Zantoru says, Ahhhh, I had a feeling it was Dungeons and Dragons or something like it. Anyways, how does Eden and Ayenee compare with Jacmus-Prime? Which one you prefer?

Meradoc says, Nothing can beat Jacmus Prime as it stands. That’s my opinion at least. And it’s growing too, with more roleplaying chances and a more developed system. I’ve never seen something web-based for roleplaying this organized. Tina and the crew did a splendid job. MAJOR props to all of ’em. Eden and Ayenee? They fall about ten thousand feet short. Heh’

Zantoru says, Alright, now… We haven’t talked much about Meradoc. Tell me, for anyone who hasn’t RP’ed with him, what is Meradoc like?

Meradoc says, He’s changing slowly actually. His history is becoming much more developed, and he’s growing from new knowledge. Kole had a short part in his life where it tortured him day in and day out, but that’s over and done with now. The newest news for Meradoc? He’s in love, though loner and ranger he may be. He’s considering forsaking his path, it’s that serious. Normally the quiet type though, and often seen as disgruntled. He hates company that doesn’t belong. Like… Iteor. A strong hatred for them.

Zantoru says, Yes, yes. Now, tell me about the relationship between Shanas and Meradoc.

Zantoru awwws at the cuteness.

Meradoc blushes fiercely

Meradoc says, Meradoc played the old game where he gets hurt and the healer saves the day. Ever since then, he’s had this sort of attraction to her. Who can really explain love y’know?

Zantoru says, Not sure if anyone can. So, any future plans for Cattrick or Meradoc? Or are you planning to bring some new characters into the game?

Meradoc says, What comes to them shall be dealt with accordingly. There’s always possibilities, but you can’t chance it if you like having your characters live on the edge. Meradoc’s about the only one who’s beginning to get reserved in his nature.

Zantoru says, Alrighty, anything else that you want to tell us?

Meradoc says, Yeah actually. A little about myself and who I am if you don’t mind? It’s not going to be anything crazy I assure you.

Zantoru says, Alright. Tell us about yourself, OOCly as one might say, Adam.

Meradoc says, Some people have this misconception that I’m an asshole. And indeed, I do act like an asshole sometimes. I appologize for that and to all of those who I’ve affected. I’ve talked behind people’s backs, said things I shouldnt’ have said. I guess life is just tough right now. I guess this is an appology to all those I’ve hurt. I plan on changing my ways, so don’t be afraid to say hi? No… That makes me sound desperate. Haha. Who am I kidding? I am. But I’m a good natured kind of guy y’know? And I’ll be going off to college next year. I fear I’ll never return if that ever happens. Losing you guys would break my heart.

Zantoru says, Alright, hopefully you do go off to college but we do get to hear from you every so often. Is that all, Adam?

Meradoc says, That’s about it man. You’re one badass interviewer by the way.

Zantoru says, Ahhh, thank you. Great talking to you Adam.

Meradoc says, Nice talking to you man! Have a good week.

Zantoru Slips off his reporter chair and heads to the back.

Meradoc spins around a bit more before heading out himself.

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