An insight into cross character playing (Feature)

An interview with Ant

Tina says, So, Ant… When did you begin first begin rping?

DarthAntev says, December 1997.

Tina says, Is that online or offline?

DarthAntev says, Online.

Tina says, How did you find online RP? Was it in yahoo or elsewhere and in which realm?

DarthAntev says, Well..when we first got our computer, Like any person, I wanted to chat. Our first PC had as its home page..

DarthAntev says, I signed up and started chatting with people..under the alias ‘Kevin Smith’

Tina says, So you just naturally found your way into the roleplay rooms from there? Did you know what people were doing to start?

DarthAntev says, At first I jus piddled around in the Main areas of Teen chat..but after about an hour of chatting I starting browsing through different rooms.

DarthAntev says, when *wham* it hit me right in the eye..a chatroom named “The Vampire Tavern”

DarthAntev says, Like alot of newbies I went in and started asking if those people were real vampires.

Tina says, LOL. What was your first character? Was it a vampire?

DarthAntev says, My first character ever..he was a human swordsman..screename swordmaster83.

Tina says, Did you stick to playing mostly human characters then are did you diversify into other genres?

DarthAntev says, For my first couple of months I stayed with humans. But then my second character a wizard was attacked and turned by a vampire..

DarthAntev says, After that..I started looking into different type characters..

Tina says, So what encouraged you to try Jacmus Prime after near to or over 5 years of roleplay?

DarthAntev says, My friend Amy. I was bored one morning and in search of some Roleplay, and she suggested that I come to cheetachat server and try RP’ing there..

Tina says, And is that when you began to role-play your jester character?

DarthAntev says, It all comes back to the annoying Jester. Yeah..I made the name DarthAntev just for watching and ooc..but within 15 minutes or less the idea for the Jester poped into my head..

DarthAntev says, So this name became a name for IC as well as OOC..

Tina says, He was quite an entertaining Jester. What happened him? what was his story?

DarthAntev says, Well..soon after his debut in The Healers Cabin he started making friends..learning from them..Eventually he was kidnapped by the Phantoms, Brainwashed by them, and later killed in an unsuccessful attack against _Jin

Tina says, Has anyone ever avenged his death?

DarthAntev says, I don’t know..after he died I just started to avoid the Phantoms..they were annoying.

DarthAntev says, IC and OOC..

Joeuq_Filque enters

Tina smiles

Joeuq_Filque leaves

Tina says, So apart from your current character that I know.. which will get onto in a minute, what other characters have you played / are playing in JP?

Ant says, I’m still RP’ing the Jester…he currently Haunts Finaru and Saldur_Thryn a Lieutenant in an Militant group of Elves.

Tina says, Whats the Militant group of Elves?

Ant says, You’d have to ask Pat, A.K.A Thallanthas, or something along those lines. He asked me if I wanted in on a plot and I said sure..I didn’t recieve much info about the group after that.

Tina says, okay. Now… recently you began to play another type of character, a female character. Its not that unusual for players to “cross-char” however, how did you come up with the idea of playing your female ninja?

Ant says, Well..Syanna isn’t my first female character. But I’d have to say that a picture of a female Ninja gave me the idea..

Ant says, I saw it and though, “Hey..that’d be neat..a woman Ninja…”

Tina says, So the picture was the inspiraction? Do you play female characters often then ?

Ant says, Yeah..if I can find the picture, I’ll make sure to give ya a link to it..

Ant says, and I’ve had my fair share of female chars..

Ant says, Starting in Tenaria with an Elven Archer…she didn’t get too far though..

Tina says, What happened to her?

Ant says, Lets jus put it like this..

Ant says, I fired an arrow at the wrong vampire.

Tina says, lol

Tina says, How do find playing characters of the opposite sex? Hard or easy? And is there someone in your offline life that you perhaps use as study for mannerisms?

Ant says, Acctually..its rather easy for me..After 5 years of Roleplaying, I picked up a few things from other female characters..and one of my best friends irl..

Ant says, Rose, She’s been RP’ing Dungeons and Dragons, whitewolf, V:tm, Heros Unlimited, and WoD for a few years in real life..

Levvat enters


Tina says, So tell me more about your latest female character for JP. I know she is ninja..

Levvat leaves

Ant says, the moment theres not a whole lot to her. She keeps herself busy by Training students in a small fort in Southern Finaru and trying to stay alive in a world full of violent men.

Ant says, Every now and then she’ll venture out of her fort to have a bit of Conversation..or time to herself..

Tina says, So her students, I know that some of them are NPC’s but you mentioned I think about recruiting.. so do you think to make into an official group or clan perhaps?

Ant says, Yeap..I’ve been working out a plan to create a clan of Spies/Assassins for hire. Its still in the early stages at the moment, but hopefully I can work out everything and start recruiting in a week or two..

Joeuq_Filque enters

Joeuq_Filque leaves

Tina says, Should people approach you out of character to join or in character ?

Ant says, Either way would be fine..

Ant says, although, I’d prefer it to be it’d give me another reason to RP more often

Tina says, I have to say… your female character with whom I have had the privalege of playing with reminds me alot of Karada from Sister of the Sword a Dragon Lance book. Have you ever read the book?

Ant says, I don’t believe I have..

Ant says, I’ll have to go look for it at the local book shops though.

Tina says, How do you feel when playing a female character and when / if sexual tension develops?

Ant says, Hey..the way I look at it..its just Roleplaying…I’m not really that character..It all depends on the way -she- feels about it..

Ant says, Besides…I don’t do Cybersex.

Tina smiles

Tina says, You don’t have to cyber to have those issues arise though.

Tina says, I have known some guys in the past to play their female characters as lesbians so to avoid that issue.. is that something you would do?

Ant says, Those situations are unavoidable no matter what sexual prefrence your character has.

Ant says, I’ve RP’ed a lesbian before…only to run into another guy playing a woman character.

Tina says, lol!

Ant says, Who was a lesbian as well..

Ant shrugs

Tina says, So describe your character for me, what does she look like in your minds eye and what is her attitude?

Ant says, basic appearance to me she looks a bit like Angelina Jolie with sandy blonde hair and as for her attitude..I’d have to say she reminds me of ‘Tank Girl’ from the movie Tank Girl..

Ant says, Smart, funny, sexy..

Ant says, but if you offend her, she won’t hesitate to spit right in your face.

Tina says, Now I know you started playing her as an elf… is she still an elf or now all human ninja? and what was the reason for changing?

Ant says, first she started off as an Elven Ranger..but I was looking through some profiles in Yahoo and saw the picture of the Female She became a Ninja..She’s still an elf though..

Tina says, Females perogative to change her mind ?

Ant says, No comment.

Tina says, LOL!

Tina says, I happened to notice the room for the fort in the south open this evening – was that yours?

Ant says, Yeap..sure was.. But after a few posts as Syanna I let my sister on to burn herself a CD and download a few songs..

Ant says, So I missed out on the RP..

Tina says, Aw that was sweat of you. I can tell you that the there was RP in there for hours.

Tina says, Not to rub it in.

Ant says, Blasphemy!

Tina says, So what was your favourite scene to date with your Syanna?

Ant says, Ooh..thats a tough one..

Ant says, I’d have to say the first Scene I played..Where she was laying on the beach and your character, Elflid, came along..

Tina says, Aw Thanks. If you have second, you can share that with us too.

Ant says, Definatly the Scene where she flipped Exodia off at the IteoR festival.

sarasaraukuk enters

sarasaraukuk says, hi!!!!

sarasaraukuk leaves

sarasaraukuk enters

Tina says, Oh tell us more about that?

Ant says, When Exodia showed up at the Festival she noticed the armed Guards and Jarek moving towards Exodia..She joined Jarek at his side for a moment.

Ant says, But she got bored of the two guys comparing the size of their wang, so she walked away.

Ant says, In the proccess of finding a bit of open space to stand in, she ended up shoving a large male NPC onto his rump.

Ant says, and Exodia made a comment about her strength, and then retracted it, saying she was weak.

Ant says, He also kicked a clod of dirt at her, which she dodged

Ant says, After that came the one fingered Salute.

Tina says, lol. I saw she made quite an impression on Jarek. Do you think she will be able to hire her services to him in the future?

Ant says, Well..I’m currently cooking up a plan in my mind that will allow Jarek to make use of her skills…

Tina says, And for that we will have to watch to find out more.. Thank you for time Ant. Its been a pleasure interviewing you

Ant says, You’re Welcome, Tina..its been a pleasure to be interviewed by you

Thanks to Ant for this insight into cross character playing.

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