Apothecary’s Cottage – NE of the Hunters’ Lodge

An hours walk north east from the Hunters Lodge in the forests of Southern Finaru, lies the quaint cottage of the natural healer and apothecary, Mystletoe.

Mystletoe's cottage
Mystletoe’s cottage is located a few hours into the forest inside a clearing

Around the cottage lie a number of well tended gardens growing various herbs and plants that she uses for powders, lotions, teas and salves.

All items (raw materials and mixtures) can be purchased from the apothecary. ?Payment is requested in the form of goods or services that can be used within and around Mystletoe’s cottage. This includes ?game (living and prepared for cooking) and labour (maintenance and repairs. ?e.g.. ?preparing of a new thatched roof.

The Healers that use the cottage are inclined to tutor others in their art of Natural Medicine if they deem them to be a suitable apprentice. ?Use of the following should be taken with supervision. ?Side effects are known and care should be taken when mixing different herbs, roots and leaves.

Apothecary’s?Herbal Remedy Menu

Apothecar Teas
Mystletoe makes an assortment of herbal teas from selected ingredients that can be purchased at the Apothecary


  1. Refreshing Rain – refreshes and awakens both the mind and body.
  2. Midnight Allure – contains an aphrodisiac and stimulant. ?Useful for impotency.
  3. Hush-a-bye – a sleeping aid. ?This tea will have the drinker snoozing soundly even before the mug is drained.


  1. Mystletoes Cooling Cream – for extreme burns. This salve is cool upon the flesh. ?The ingredients help to dry the burn as well as aid the regrowth of flesh. ?The user is often left with either a faint or no scar at all from the burn.
  2. Mystletoes Liquid Gel – ?for severe gashes and wounds. ?This gel helps to clean and keep the wound clear of infection. ?Its soothing properties work with the cells of the body to rejuvenate and mend the flesh.


Muscale?- Can be taken with water or ale. This powder helps to build muscle and if taken before exercise or a fight, it can give the user a boost of energy.

Apothecary Raw Supplements

The following ingredients are also supplied and stocked both in raw and prepared form. These herbs should only be used with the the guidance of your healer.


Ailment: Chokecherry is known to cure pneumonia and can also treats colds and coughs.

Remedy: Boil the bark to make a tea.

Balsam fir

Ailment:?You can use balsam fir to soothe or heal a cut.

Remedy: Spread the sap across the cut until it is completely covered.


Ailment: Use the alder to cure cuts and burns.

Remedy: Boil the bark, them grind it and rub it on the cut or burn


Ailment: Upset Stomach.

Remedy: Pour hot water over a mixture of violet leaves, stems, roots and petals to make a tea. You can also chew fresh leaves or petals.

Pitcher Plant

Ailment: Constipation

Remedy: Use as a laxative. The flower is ground up and eaten.


Ailment: Yarrow can cure many ills. It can also be used as a hair wash, particularly for lice.

Remedy: Mix yarrow with other herbs and make it into infusions and teas. (Infusion: a liquid extract made by boiling or soaking)


Ailment: Heart Conditions

Remedy: The foxglove strengthens the heart muscles. The active chemical called “digitalis” is obtained from the dried leaves of the purple foxglove. It is one of the most valuable heart remedies known today.

Black Currant

Ailment: Miscarriage

Remedy: Black currant and wild mint leaves and roots can be made into a tea or jam.


Ailment: Boils

Remedy: Boil fresh dandelion leaves and eat them as a blood purifier.


Ailments: Respiratory Illnesses, Common cold/sore throat, Inflammatory bowel diseases, Stomach ulcers, Weight loss aid (marshmallow swells with fluid and gives a sense of fullness), Wound healing.

Remedy: The leaves and roots of marshmallow are boiled or ground. ?It can be taken either as a tea, syrup or as an infusion. For wounds sprinkle the cream directly on the infected flesh.


Ailment: ?Used for Depression and also Skin conditions

Remedy: Crush the plant until it turns into an oil, massage the oil into the skin.

Willow Bark

Ailment: ?Marsh Fever, Back Pain, Arthritis, Sexual Dysfunction, Headache. ?Remedy: ?Pulverise or use in a crystallised form as a tea.


Ailment: Indigestion, Coughs, Colds and lactation.

Remedy: ?Mix with honey and spread upon bread.

Fennel is also known to keep away evil spirits by hanging it upon the doorway to the house.

Side Effects: ?Suppresses Appetite.


Ailment: ?Headaches, Memory Loss, Stiff Joints.

Remedy: Use as an infusion with lemon and honey. ?Mix with Lavender to use as a insect repellent.


Ailments: Asthma, Cramps, Diarrhoea, Digestion, Fever, Flu, Headache, Heartburn, Migraine Headaches, Nerves and Lung problems

Remedy: ?Use as a Tea or even as an oil in a bath. Thyme can also be kept beneath a pillow to aid sleep or if carried in a pouch it is known to bolster courage.


Ailments: The herb treats jaundice, dysentery, skin complaints, stop wound bleeding and to help new muscle growth, seeds treat eye disease or blindness.

Remedies: Use a liniment, or compress for bruises, sore muscles, bites and pain. Wash with oil for lice, scabies and itchy skin. Leaves are dried and burned as a purifying smoke. Use wormwood juice on parchments to distract mice from eating paper.


Ailments: Treats stomach pain and liver conditions. Also sinusitis, skin conditions, Insect Bites and Wounds.

Remedies: ?For external use, apply the cream (poultice or salve) to the effected area as Calendula is antiseptic and anti fungal. Add leaves to salads, and garnishes of flowers color rice and fish dishes for internal use. ?The leaf is especially useful for drunks.


Ailments: Bloating, Colic, Cramps, Cystitis, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Fever, Flatulence, Indigestion, Measles, Migraine, Conjunctivitis, Cramps, Joint Pain, Moodiness, Rheumatism, Thrush, Toothache.

Remedies: Crush the seed and use in soups or stews.

Effects: It has a slightly bitter taste. ?The seed is a mild sedative. Coriander is known to be an aphrodisiac when taking in large amounts.

Jimson Weed

Ailments: ?Travel Sickness, Tooth Aches, Nervous Disorders, rheumatism.

Remedies: ?Use as an external salve for rheumatism. ? For internal use a small amount as a diffusion. ?When extracted properly, the pure crystalline form can be used as a truth serum.

Effects: Large and repeated doses are dangerous. Jimson weed is a poison causing insanity or even death.


Ailments: ?Stress, digestion, ulcers, inflammation, skin irritation, viruses fungi, herpes, bacterial infection in wounds, sore throats, eye inflammation.

Remedies: Use in salves and add to lotions for skin inflammation and accelerate cell regeneration. Eyewash for inflamed eyes and conjunctivitis. Hair rinse for blond hair.


Ailments: Wounds, Burns, skin conditions ?Remedies: Aloe is most well known for its use in soothing burns by using its fresh juice and can also soothe some insect bites. It can also be used externally as a dried powder which is applied to open running wounds (thickly) then covered with clean gauze. It absorbs the fluid, and encourages healthy tissue growth.

Lace Seeds

Ailments: ?Unwanted pregnancy

Remedies :Lace seed can be crushed and drunk with milk after intercourse to prevent pregnancy. ?It acts as a natural contraceptive.

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