Arcalia a small city of IteoR

Arcalia is located on the east coast of the central Finaru.

Arcalia is a small village that was settled and ruled by Sintak’s father until his death over two years ago. Sintak then took over leadership of the village and after about two years passed he headed to IteoR to offer his services. Jarek accepted him and gave Sintak 100 IteoRian soldiers to help him in his campaign.

For the next few weeks Sintak spent his time taking over all of the other eight villages in the area. After Sintak had taken over all the villages he and his second-in-command Eistir began building up Arcalia.

Catapult at night
Catapult at night reigns down fire on a local Castle of the Dark Ones
A battle brews
A battle brews

Arcalia’s Population

Arcalia is now a city with a population of over 2,000 people.

Arcalia’s three main districts

Mud map of Arcalia
Mud map of Arcalia

Arcalia is separated into areas or districts. The three main districts are

  • residential district
  • industrial district
  • market.

The are other locations of interest include

  • taverns
  • restaurants
  • a modest Castle.
City of Arcalia
City of Arcalia in IteoR Kingdom, North Eastern Finary

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