Celikor Empire

Dominated by humans, the Celikor Empire’s rise to prestige and power came from brute force and arm twisting diplomacy.

With the Dwarven strongholds guarding the Eastern pass of the mountains, the Celikor Empire was unable to stretch its influence to the coastal city of Moradil. The trade between the dwarves and this kingdom is pivotal to its success in trading its wares and ores across the sea to the western cities in exchange for food and supplies.

Sargaso  - Celikor Empire
The Celikor Empire covers the Southern three quarters of Sargaso Continent.

While the dwarves have been known to generally side with Moradil’s struggle against the Celikor empire, the trade has remained open – the Dwarves profiting off the Kingdom’s need for their strength in mining ore, and benefitting as well from their ally to their back, shipping even greater amounts of ore for them to trade, and in turn prosper and grow stronger in their defense against the enemy.

The methods of Celikor’s leadership has been amoral and deceptive, taking advantage of the poor stability of the surrounding towns and villages, knowing best how to exploit their economical and military weaknesses.


Celikor is well known for its mining of pearls and sandstone. Tianys natural harbour handles large quantities of sandstone and other valuable rock shipped to the?Cer-Karhin Kingdom.?Moradil is popular for silver, gold, tin and various odd gemstones that pop up now and then.

Though not a popular commodity in any continent of Jacmus Prime, Moradil is also reputed for its trade in slave labor. ?The local fighting culture centered on Moradil’s famous fighting arena attracts wealthy land and slave owners who are willing to purchase the indentured services of a seasoned fighter. Most seasoned fighters are prisoners for domestic or military crimes. There are a few who solely enter to reap the promoted rewards and win a title or two for themselves should they be victorious.

Popular Agriculture

  • Hay
  • Potatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Onions
  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Lemons

Popular Animal Husbandry

  • Tweeven – tall three legged birds that bounce and swim rather than fly. Tweeven that are raised by farmers are usually fat and overfed fowl, ideally roasted or sliced into thin white steaks. ?Seasoning is a must if you are to gorge yourself on these creatures for a long period as their meat is often cooked tough and becomes extremely boring. Butchers tend to use their meat and everything else really (aside from the feathers) for mince. They are turned into an array of spiced sausages which can be eaten cooked or half raw.
  • ^Airwe – the name is more peculiar than the beast, pronounced with a burp sound at the beginning. ^Airwe are lizards that grow up to 6 feet long. ^Airwe’s skin is very thick and apart from being ideal for long journeys across Sargaso, their thick skin makes for excellent boots and armour. ?The flesh of an ^Airwe can be eaten raw with lemon slices, salted or cooked. Its sweetness often mixed with coconut milk, rice and hot or sweet spices provides a refreshing mouthful as one of the Celikor Kingdom’s hottest curries and national dish.

Major Cities

Other Destinations of note

  • Gollum’s Lair
  • Lasaka Mines
  • Valley of Giants
  • Bumaston Cove

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