Cer-Kahrin, the Kingdom

Cer-Kahrin is the most diverse and religious of the kingdoms in Jacmus Prime.?It has flourished through turmoil and change, riding the wave of time to evolve with the land.

The ancient Gods of elves and men, are worshipped at the temples and churches throughout the southern half of Finaru, and especially in its capital, Lotuvira, where the government and population are extremely religious.

Cer-Kahrin Kingdom
The Kingdom of Cer-Kahrin cuts Lotuvira in half and has two large provincial cities, Lotuvira (the Capital) and Cer’Kahrin a smaller trading city.

While the kingdom of Cer-Kahrin originally adopted an expansionist attitude towards Jacmus Prime, using their religious authority to inspire others to their cause, the years tempered the kingdom with patience and wisdom.

Over a great many years Cer-Kahrin fully fortified its place in South Finaru with lasting diplomatic and economical ties, and a strong military force to ward away the hoards of vermin, such as goblin, trol and ogre races.

Military stationed at Castles in the South help to protect Cer-Kahrin from Trols (as seen above).

Royal Family

The Cer-Kahrin Palace in Lotuvira
Artists impression of the Cer-Kahrin Palace in Lotuvira.

The main palace of the Cer-Kahrin royal family is located in the capital of Lotuvira. Four key castles are located in the north along the border of the IteoR Kingdom, with a further three castles scattered to the East, South-East. Castles in the North and South contain key military personnel. Those in the North protect the borders from IteoR while those in the South, help to keep the land safe from trols. A further castle lies within the walls of the town Cer’Kahrin which is regularly visited by the royal household.


Cer-Kahrin trades with its Northern neighbour IteoR and across the sea to the East with Sargaso. Farm animals, popular agriculture choices and salt form the main trading agreements in return for other commodities that are not widely available in Cer-Kahrin. While fishing is prevalent, most fish is sold at local markets in Cer-Kahrin.

Popular Agriculture

  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Oats
  • Yam (sweet potato)

Popular Animal Husbandry

  • Turen – a long haired cow like creature that looks as if it was crossed with a pig. Both male and female have curly horns like a goat and these are often made into wind instruments. The turen grow to twice the size of a large pig and have four short, stout legs. They graze on grasslands in Southern Finaru where they have been fully domesticated. Older male turen are often used for pulling plows in rice paddocks. The turen have no tail for swatting flies, but their long mane of course hair swings easily, surving the same purpose. Turen make a beautiful roast on a spit and their short fat legs can be carved up into a dozen steaks each. They breed three times a year. Unlike cows, turen do not produce ample milk, however a small family may milk a turen as a supplement. ?The milk tastes slightly bitter. Once shaved, the leather skin of the turen is useful as a water resistant fabric. It is popularly used for making boots or jackets.
  • Gowlich – are fowl that sort of resemble white billy goats with short chicken wings. Their wings are too short for their bodies, so they can’t fly. Gowlich make a bleating sound but unlike goats, they do not have horns. Gowlich females lay about one egg a week. The egg is about the size of a soup bowl and provides enough succour to feed a family of four for one meal. Gowlich adults move quickly on four boney legs, which easily traverse rocky terrain. ?Gowlich are not native to Cer-Kahrin. Thirty-two gowlichs were gifted to the first royal dynasty of Cer-Kahrin from the former northern kingdom of Finaru. The flock was initially used for breeding. Gowlichens (young gowlich) are plump and juicy. OIder gowlich are stringy and are better used for soup.
  • Land crabs -these once wild animals of southern Finaru are a sort after meal in Cer-Kahrin. Used as the main flavor for a national dish, the white pink meat has a natural drug which often results in a peaceful sleep if too much of the meat is eaten. Land crabs grow up to a metre (3.28 feet) in diameter and because of their skittish nature, male land crabs are herded in no more than twelve per pack. Land crabs have six legs and two pincers. Except for the female roe, the sweetest meat is found in their appendages. The roe has medicinal properties and reduces fever. Females are not herded but caged, as they have a tendency to mate every six to eight weeks and will try to nest beneath rocky outcrops when possible. When born, their young are about an inch in diameter.

Cities of note

Other Destinations of note


The continent of Finaru
Finaru competes with Sargaso as one of the most prosperous of continents.

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