Cer’Kahrin a booming town

In the south east of the Kingdom Cer-kahrin, lies a town that holds to the Kingdom’s namesake.

The Town of Cer’Kahrin

Cer’Kahrin was once a town of settlers who lived on the frontier of society, thriving off the rich spoils of the sea and culling the population of ogres and trolls that stray from the nearby hunting reserve.

Much has changed since the beginning days of Jacmus Prime. ?The Kingdom of Cer’kahrin though itself has not grown outward, it has grown inward and towns such as Cer’Kahrin are living proof of the Kingdom’s prosperity.

Cer’Kahrin has grown enormously expanding to 4.5 miles long and 3.7 miles wide. Circular in nature, streets circling the town centre are intersected by eight major roads. All intersecting roads lead to the town centre, where Castle Tailneax holds the centre of the town together.

Cer-Kahrin Kingdom
The Kingdom of Cer-Kahrin cuts Lotuvira in half and has two large provincial cities, Lotuvira (the Capital) and Cer’Kahrin a smaller trading city.

Town Statistics



Population at last census



  • Water
  • Fishing
  • Export of live animals
  • Granary


  • Various

Local Government

The local government of Cer’Kahrin has been an appointed position by the ruling royal household of Cer-Kahrin. The Castle Tailneax?has more recently served the brother of the current ruler of Cer’Kahrin. ?Sir Gahvaine has kept Castle Tailneax well stocked for surprise visits by his older brother.

An trained army, relatively large in number and experience weary reside in Castle Tailneax. Though they are meant to be taking turns to guard the countryside and roads outside of Cer’Kahrin, they are more than happy to stay in the sheltered halls of the Castle, owing the break to their long servitude to the royal family..

Sir Gahvaine administers justice in Cer’Kahrin and collects rent on behalf of his brother’s kingdom. To date, Sir Gahvaine has thwarted attempts by other privy to establish a democratically elected local government.

A number of years have passed since Cer’Kahrin battled trolls and orcs. The royal household no longer requires the army at Cer’Kahrin. Will the King elect to withdraw his contingent with new orders to travel north to the border, or will ?he give them something new to work towards, a common enemy.

Current Lord Justice

  • Sir Gahvaine (Brother to the current ruler of Cer-Kahrin)

Place within Kingdom

Major Seaport and Town

Local Places

Cer’Kahrin is well known for its places of leisure since the surrounding hunting grounds have become less populated with orcs and trolls. It is also a frequent destination for visitors from Sargaso who are seeking an entertaining holiday.


  • The ?Lamb and Lion
  • Kings Arms


  • Port Entry Markets
  • Tailneax on Tuesdays


  • Cer’Kahrin Opera House (also known as the Royal Opera House)
  • Castle Tailneax Courts
  • Bounder Village Square

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