The City of Arydus – Southern Venuso

The city of Arydus represents a land of both valor and deceit. A city where one’s innocence can be shattered, and the transition from man to hero made all too early.

An overview of the City of Arydus

The common need for a trading port halfway across the sea has brought dwarves, elves, and men together to successfully defend against the threat of Lithlore’s Kingdom, expanding into their territory at the southern tip of Venuso.

The southern part of Venuso is also rich in various ores, in particular gold, iron, copper and lead. Mining is a booming industry in the southern part of Venuso although it is often hindered by the cold climate and poor visibility conditions.

Venuso and Arydus
Arydus is located at the bottom of Venus, an ideal placement for a port to the rest of the world.

While the kingdoms of the West and East meet here in common defense, neither allows the other a strong enough grip upon the power structure of the city, or it’s armies to allow an advantage in battle, should the need to arise to wrest full control of the land.

Since the fall of Zarukai and Litchlore the Northlands became far less perilous, though one would still be a fool to leave the security of the walled city. In the confusion following the war in Wardoluf the leadership of the city changed hands and was briefly ruled by Melrose, the Queen of Mordor until her strange and sudden disappearance.

In the past Lithlore’s armies and other dark foes often attacked by the coast, fearing to brave the heights of the southern ridges of the Mountains. With evil to the North and constant dissension between the mixed races and kingdoms, Arydus is never short of danger and intrigue.

The walls of Arydus were restored and trade re-established during Queen Melrose”s reign, promising a far brighter and more profitable future for the beleaguered citizens who have come to know all too many sorrows and hardships. ?As part of the trade agreement, Melrose established protection from North Venuso for Arydus with three Kingdoms, IteoR, Cer’Kahrin and Celikor Empire.

All that it awaits now, is a new ruler with the strength, courage, wisdom and charisma to lead it towards a new destiny.

Wall of Ice in Arydus
Venuso is a frigid land and Arydus is no exception. ?Ships entering the Port of Arydus must contend with the harsh conditions and dangerous floating icebergs even in the few ‘summer’ months.



Formerly Morder.

Arydus is now considered a member of state of three Kingdoms – IteoR, Cer-Kahrin, Celikor Empire.

Population at last census



  • Water
  • Timber
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Ores: Iron, Lead, Copper and Gold


  • Taurean
  • Drago

Local Government

Since the sudden departure of Queen Melrose Darkgaze and the Kingdom of Mordor, Arydus is administered as a member state of three Kingdoms. ?The local government is overseen by a council of twelve representing the three member states, while the law is administered through the council and an elected local sheriff.

Current Sheriff

Rolduc?Aurvandil (NPC)

Place within Kingdoms

Member state.

Arydus procures protection from all three Kingdoms by providing access to its mined ores.

Arydus Winter all year around.
Arydus in Winter is a bleak place to live. ?Most merchant vessels will more than halve their runs to and from Arydus for fear of treacherous ocean conditions. Aside from the increase in floating icebergs, the land is awash with sea of white blinding snow and darkness descends all too quickly. The few hours of bright daylight is extremely sparse and the increase in crime can be horrific.

Local Places


  • Miners’ Inn
  • The Dragon and the Ring


  • Arydus Town Square – open six days a week, the Arydus Town Square has a dozen or more permanent local shops and businesses. Many depend on regular shipments from overseas. ?While coin is used as a commodity in Arydus (and of the three Kingdoms monetary coin will be accepted), bartering is also available and provides light entertainment for the locals. On Tuesdays the Town Square markets allow stalls selling arts and crafts and on Thursday’s a local may purchase a temporary stall licence for a much wider variety of merchandise.


  • Seven public mines – located outside the City of Arydus are visited daily by locals who come and go from the dark holes, mining for the towns vital trading resources. Sleds are the main transport to and from the mining areas. Previously there were eleven public mines but four mines were abandoned and closed after fears of dragons and rumours of entrances to the Underdark. A dozen or so smaller and private mines exist but these are not afforded the protection of the Arydus City Watch.
  • Arydus Council Chambers – meeting every two weeks, the council chambers are open to the public of Arydus. Citizens of Arydus can bring before it land claims and other issues. ?In the later half of this meeting, the Sheriff is given full control of the meeting to chair the Arydus law court with the ten council members act as a jury.
  • Port of Arydus – if you are seeking excitement and the hustle and bustle of people, the Port of Arydus may meet your expectations. ?Ships from the continents of Finaru and Sargaso regularly arrive with provisions, and depart with valuable ore and other minor trading items. It is the only place where you can arrive and leave Arydus, unless of course you are silly to try coming or leaving over land which is an extremely long and treacherous journey

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