Darkstar’s Kingdom

Nestled in the gentle vales and flowing valleys that are hidden amidst the impenetrable peaks of the Dwarven Kingdom under the Mountain, the Elven Kingdom of DarkStar spreads its mighty arms to all Elves who seek shelter. The capital City, called Elvenhome, sprawls like a giant forest through the largest of these vales. The only entrance into the Elven Kingdom is a perilous mountain pass. Yet before this, the newcomers must pass by the Watchers in the Wood, the best trained Elven Rangers and trackers. Across the pass the dominion of the Dwarves spreading, effectively shielding the Elves from any outward threat.

Small outposts and hunting lodges dot the high forests in the mountains, the Elven King and his elite guards, the Elven Hunters, commonly going on forays out into the world. Though adored by his people, the Noldorin King, DarkStar, is a cold and distant man. The thousands and thousands of Elves that harkened to his call do not understand their own allegiance, but it is never-faltering.

At the far end of the sprawling edge of Elvenhome sits the Elven hall of the great King DarkStar. Shimmering like a dream in the sun, glowing like a beacon in the night. Its great marble walls thick and veined with crystal. In the center a high waterfall comes down, crashing from a precipice high in the clouds, to shower its essence in a neverending rush of sound. The ambience never leaving the halls of King DarkStar’s abode silent.

Into the new age goes the Elven Kingdom, their backs forever turned to Finaru. For the immortal ages of the world pass by without touching the Elven King, and his memory is long. Pity the human who tresspasses his realm with ill intent. Pity those who seek to come against the Elven Kingdom under arms. Pity all the enemies of the Elven People, for as with all beings of long memory, the Elves would get their revenge. In the clearings and the cities, in the sprawling mass of Elvenhome the Elves whetted their long swords and bows, preparing, training.

The time would come when the world that they had made their own would need protection. When it does, the Elves are ready, and stand vigilant.

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