Deities of Jacmus Prime

The following is a list of the Deities of Jacmus. They have since perished in the Gods War, and have left their followers in dismay, many priests and priestesses taking their own lives in the recent years since the cataclysm. There are others who hold hope that they will one day return, some how. But those numbers are dwindling with each passing year.

Major Deities (and gender)

War Tempestra (f)
Hunt Kecel (m)
Magic Lacuna (f)
Celebration/Joy Eortasmos (m)
Death/Punishment Shi (f)
Luck Fu (m)
Birth Nombre (m)
Harvest Ernten (m)
Love Thena (f)

Minor Deities (and gender)

Elves Frey (f)
Drow Bellum (f)
Dwarves Dwarrow (m)
Minotaur Asterion (m)
(*note: This list is not complete as there are many many more minor gods and demigods who are unlisted at this time.)

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