Dragons (Character Race)

Dragons are powerful large creatures that enjoy remote destinations and the bitter cold winds of Venuso.

Dragons’ appearance

Covered in a thick reptilian skin that is often layered with large colourful scales like an exotic fish, Dragons are extremely distinguishing and hardy.? Many Dragons have long necks that can stretch backwards?to touch the tip of their tail as well as wings which can provide a Dragon with flight or help them to swim.

Dragons and magic

Dragons come in all various shapes and sizes.? Most Dragons have magical powers and all though Dragons like other races were without their powers after the God Wars, some powers are slowly returning such as the ability to breathe fire.

Dragons are a race at Jacmus Prime RPG
Here be Dragons

Dragons’ habitat

Dragons enjoy the spaciousness of large caves where they are able to horde their wealth, often stolen or provided to them in tribute or as a peace offering.

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