Elemental Book of Alkali (Water)

Before using the elemental spell books you will need to learn about?elemental magic?and which Alkali spells are available to the elemental path that has been chosen. Only a very experienced elementalist can create Alkali spells outside of those in the elemental books.

Water Spell: Drench

Ingredients: Water cupped in both hands.

Procedure: Toss water in the direction of target, concentrating full on expanding the water.

Result: With enough concentration the water slams the target with surprising force, soaking them head to foot, full through their clothing. The caster can expect to get mildly wet from this spell near every time.

Water Spell: Ice

Ingredients: Small piece of white quartz, hands moist from water.

Procedure: Rub piece of quartz rapidly between moist palms, concentrating full on a target.

Result: If successful the space around a target will become dramatically cold. Puddles will turn to ice patches, glasses of water freezing, and living beings breathing frost and becoming frigid. Often the caster will feel an uncomfortable chill after casting.

Water Spell: Flood

Ingredients: Bucket of water, large course grains of salt.

Procedure: Slowly pour the contents of the bucket into a river or stream while concentrating on intensifying the current. Once the current begins to swell, toss in the salt.

Result: With enough experience and concentration, the river or stream will rise dramatically and flood the region in its path. More often than not, the flood will not become devastating, but simply a notable rise in the current.

Elemental Book of Alkali
Once someone finds, and reads through these scrolls and tombs, it takes a great deal of scholarship and repetition to become proficient and advanced at using elemental water spells.

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