Elemental Book of Earth

Before using the elemental spell books you will need to learn about elemental magic and which spells are available to the elemental path that has been chosen. Only a very experienced elementalist can create spells outside of those in the elemental books.

Elemental Earth Spell: Tremor

Ingredients: Dry dirt, ground volcanic rock.

Procedure: Dump a basket of mixed dirt and ground volcanic rock into a small hole dug in the earth. ?Walk far away, and concentrate fully upon the prepared location.

Result: From a foot, to a twenty foot radius, the ground will shake in varied intensity. Size and strength of tremor depends on the will and knowledge of the caster.

Elemental Earth Spell: Quicksand

Ingredients:?Mud, brown grass.

Procedure: Massage brown grass with two handfuls of mud while focusing on a nearby plot of land. ?Throw the prepared mud on the desired location.

Result: With enough skill and concentration the ground will loosen and soak through, becoming perilous quicksand in the nearby area.

Elemental Earth Spell: Chasm

Ingredients: Jagged quartz, volcanic rock chunks, phosphorus.

Procedure: Mix ingredients and scatter them over a plot of land. ?Distance yourself, concentrate all mind and will on location.

Result: The ingredients will superheat, infuse into the ground and splinter it. ?A rippling line splinters the earth up to five feet to each side, leaving a gaping chasm.

Unless the caster has great skill and experience, a tiny crack in the ground will result, instead of a perilous gap in the earth.

Elemental Scroll - Earth
The first spells of each book can be learned by a Naturalist in full.

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