Eruvasu, formerly known as the realm of Mordor

Surrounded by thick fog that makes this Island seem invisible, Eruvasu is?a hidden land that has undergone enormous change since it first rose out of the sea, not?so long ago in the history of Jacmus-Prime.

This Island was once named the Kingdom of?Mordor, also known as Shadowland. It?was home to?the infamous and magical castle who’s roots were sewn deep into Mound Derendorf, a once dormant volcano.? The castle is gone,?as are?the vampires, Maximus and Melrose that?ruled?the Kingdom it had once been.

With the volcano?active once again,?sulphuric gas, fires and?thick ash?has covered the land and surrounding?water, giving rise to the title Sea of Ash.? As the sea laps against?the hot landscape,?steam rises upwards creating?the thick mist that?hides?the Island?from passing ships.

Eruvasu was once the home to vampires, shapeshifters and magical creatures both beautiful and terrifying.? The eruption of Mount Derendorf changed the landscape?and habitat?completely.

History of Eruvasu

Between Finaru and Sargaso an expanse of cold, perilous waters has little refuge to travelers. Between the two continents a series of islands can be found, some uncharted, and others shrouded in mystery. The greatest of these isles is Eruvasu an Island once known as Mordor, the land of shadow that rose up out of the sea.

The land existed far from the?world of Jacmus-Prime, but when Decendir, a demonic being of a faraway world was deceived into entering the planes of Jacmus-Prime by his nemesis, and former student Lazarus Shadowforge, the balance was disrupted.

Decendir could not wield his innate powers in Jacmus-Prime, unable to tap into the bond he shared with the element of fire. For the first time in his ancient existence the powerful demon was without his true strength, and was truly lost.

So great though was his bond with the fires he had wielded that they sought him, and within Mordor, where his powers reigned greatest, the fires churned, and the mountains trembled. None knew at the time what catastrophe was at hand, but imbedded in the fabric of the dark land was the terrific strength needed to shift the very existence of Mordor, and bring it to Jacmus-Prime, where Decendir might once again find his home, and the inner strength he had lost.

The perimeter of Mordor, once reaching it by sea, is guarded by towering mountains. When one lands upon the shores of the dark land and ascend to the peak of the mountain range they will feel what innate magic and power they possess that was denied in Jacmus-Prime”s other lands rise to the surface.

When one descends the mountains though, leaving the dark lands to take back to the sea, the strength will diminish swiftly, and they will be left to the restraints of the lands beyond. It would be perilous to attempt to teleport, or travel by other means beyond the borders of Mordor, for it would exact a terrific price upon one”s strength, draining them completely of all their energy, and leaving them vulnerable.

Opening a gateway beyond the fabric of the mountains requires the ability to tap into the quintessence of those lands where it is limited, and thus the strain would be tremendous, and painful; perhaps even lethal.

In this land Maximus Mason, a vampire?was lord, and resided in?a magical?Castle of darkness, formerly the Castle of the Rings. with Melrose,?the Queen of Mordor.

Not long after?Maximus sired Melrose, the mountain erupted and the?Castle disappeared taking with?it all who occupied its halls.

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