Exodia Reign

In the first days of Jacmus-Prime, when the heroes and villains to be began to surface, there was one tyrant whose foul deeds changed the face of Finaru, the flourishing green lands.

South of Lotuvira, the capital city of Finaru a man of noble appearance, a charismatic tongue, and an iron fist, began to build an army. His followers heeded his every word with fanaticism, believing that they were going to help build a great Republic, where their powerful and just leader would set all to right.

In the early days of Exodia?s climb to power a brother and sister, Rhysstan and Rayinara, met for the first time in many years. The brother, a mercenary of some renown, was gravely wounded and forced to set camp in Shanas?s healing cabin in the woods of Southern Finaru.

It was at this time that the Noldorin elf Dalmuros arrived in Finaru, traveling from a vast land over the seas in search of a temporary home. Within days of arriving in the fertile land of Finaru he stumbled upon the Healer?s Cabin in time to combine his swordplay with Rayinara?s bow, and Damon Redfern?s savagery.

They won the day against a band of fierce orcs, saving the cabin from ruin, a place that would soon become an origin of many secret meetings that would determine the fate of the free peoples against the rising tyrant.

In the beginning the chief harassers of Exodia were Rhysstan and Dalmuros, who drove the demented human leader to new heights of fury, till at last he exploded in wrath and began genocide of the elven race. The minds of his followers were poisoned, for they descended beneath the pits of humanity, piling the skulls of innocent elves on a pyre as a warning to Dalmuros and the other elves to stay far away.

And then the land gave way to new heroes and adventurers, banning together and choosing the rogue elf, Dalmuros, as their leader against Exodia. The Noldorin founded a fortress in the deep woods, Fort Soule, where elves, many dwarves, and some goodly humans came to garrison the stronghold against Exodia.

If the human turned monster won through their ranks, they would have had a clear march to Lotuvira, and with the capital in his hands, surely Finaru would have fallen into darkness.

Of the acts of heroism and selfless deeds too many names can be recalled. They battled with honor against overwhelming odds, for Exodia, and his chief knight Octavian, had gathered a horrible force, reinforced with catapults of flaming pitch that reeked havoc upon the once serene woodlands.

As the war progressed Rhysstan?s sister, Rayinara, was abducted by the ruthless tyrant. The ruins of Di?Marshi, an ancient city fabled to contain great and powerful artifacts had been discovered, and Exodia knew he would not win through to the riches without the help of powerful, and unlikely allies.

Through coercion Rhysstan, Dalmuros, and Jin followed Exodia into the deep and dark of Di?Marshi, and through grave peril they came to claim artifacts of terrible strength, that until mastered were more dangerous to the wielder than beneficial.

The temporary and tentative alliance lasted no longer than the expedition into the ruins and soon after the war exploded to new heights. Thousands were lost in the storming of Fort Soule, the elves and dwarves pushed back to the core of their stronghold till new horn blasted resounded through he night, heralding the approach of a new, and more sinister darkness.

Exodia betrayed even his own, the orcs and trolls aligning with him, as he forsook his own race of man and cast them to the foul beasts of the shadows. Chaos ensued, and when it was over the life lost was staggering, and few would live enough years to fully heal the wounds, both internal and external.

Only days after the horrible war Dalmuros, and his old friend, Darkstar, the King of the elves in Sargaso, were walking through the woodlands when by chance Exodia happened by. The struggle was fierce; the fallen tyrant?s face a mask of death, for he had bartered his soul with Throsten Hellshade in exchange for power.

Darkstar?s glinting spear shattered the ranks of drow that protected Exodia, allowing Dalmuros and his hated adversary to face off one last time. Together they were joined in battle; swords clashing till at last the maddened human was slain, his blood forever staining Dalmuros?s twin scimitars.

In the aftermath heroes arose, towns and memorials were erected, and friends forged.? Rayinara had escaped Exodia’s clutches, but would find the road ahead no minor task, dealing with her brother Rhysstan’s descent from civilation, maddened by Calbert, his artifact swords.

The devastation gave birth to a changed land, and through it Jacmus-Prime was shaped, and readied for the next wave of intrigue.

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