Interview with Corruption (Feature)

An interview with the Sami, a role player in the current Zarukai plot.

Something Cute (4:29 PM) :
So Miss Sami. Whats it like roleplaying a plot with Jake?

-Tainted. (4:30 PM) :
^.^ Exciting.
His plots are -always- intesting. His characters are twisted, witty, abstract, varied. . there’s always a twist. 😀 Fun.

Something Cute (4:31 PM) :
So how did you get involved in the Zarukai and Rain plot?

-Tainted. (4:34 PM) :
Uhh. .
Rain was an NPC he’d been playing for a few weeks [months? not sure] and I was looking for someone to play. . we were looking for something to do together, and it seemed convenient that I played her instead of him.. more variation to the plot, I think.

I -think-. lol.

Something Cute (4:36 PM) :
And Rain is Zarukai’s sister? What is she like as a character?

-Tainted. (4:38 PM) :
No, Rain was being trained by Rydovich. . Zarukai is a Necromancer. The gem Rain has pulled his attention to her – and in turn, he manipulated her to come to him. . if that makes any sense whatsoever.
She’s an awesome character, though. Headstrong, becoming steadily corrupted by the gem. Intelligent, amazingly fun to play. She’s a variation from the usual persona I play, which is great.

Something Cute (4:40 PM) :
So what would be your favourite scene to date? What happened in it that was significant for you?

-Tainted. (4:43 PM) :
The scene where Zarukai and Rain met for the second time. Zarukai told Rain some interesting stuff about her Mentor – and now she has a bloodlust for him. 😀 Also, he unleashed some knowledge about using the gem she holds, so now she can do all sorts of cool stuff.. or, she will be able to, as soon as we’ve RP’ed her practicing and stuff. . And Zarukai turned into some very -old- Necromancer, and now he’s gonna try take over Jacmus Prime. 😀 Awesome stuff.

And.. er.. I guess that’s what was significant. Gotta love a character with a goal, especially if it’s death to an entire realm.

Something Cute (4:44 PM) :
Do you find it hard to meet with other players sometimes being that you are in Australia and other players are disbursed in other countries? How many people are generally involved?

-Tainted. (4:47 PM) :
Well, not really. But that’s probably because I’m an insomniac, or something along those lines. I tend to be online during Australian nighttimes and early mornings, which is when most American/British people are online.
During school it kinda.. blows. But there are ways around that; message boards, E-mail.. etc etc.

And. . how many people in -this- plot, or how many people.. that I RP with all the time?

Something Cute (4:49 PM) :
In this plot. How would more people get involved if they wished.

-Tainted. (4:50 PM) :
Well. As far as I know it’s just Jake [Zarukai], myself [Rain] and Enril [Matt, not Juntai, the other, other, other one]. Buuttt.. its’ going to be a fairly big plot, once Rain and Zarukai start exercising their powers. People are gonna -have- to get involved, even if it’s just to get their characters outta some sticky situations brought on by the cute lil’ guys.

Something Cute (4:54 PM) :
And do you think you will take on more characters like Rain now that you have tried something a little less like the ones you would RP otherwise?

-Tainted. (4:57 PM) :
Well.. Considering that I play about 459585342532 gazzillion characters right now.. lol. It might be a while before I sign up for more characters. But, if offered to play one, I’d be glad to. 😀

Something Cute (4:57 PM) :
Well thank you for time Miss Sami. It has been a pleasure interviewing you 😉

-Tainted. (4:59 PM) :
You’re very welcome. :d 😡

Something wicked this way comes . . .

At the dawn of each day, the sun waits just a little bit longer before shining light on Jacmus Prime. Zarukai the Necromancer?s power is blooming; the signs are becoming more and more apparent that war is just beyond the horizon. The dead stir in their graves, anxious to rise to duty and slaughter the living. The whispers of manipulated, tortured souls taunt children in their nightmares. Clouds darken faster, rain pours down harder.

The dwarven / human / elfin alliance builds their prowess day by day, training, building, working toward a common goal: Eradicate the undead threat. When the attack comes, they?ll be ready. Led by Dalmuros the Noldor and Rydovich the Seer, they?ll give their lives for the lands.

The classic battle between good and evil. Which side are you on?


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Thanks to Jake and Sami for Contributions

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