Andrew rises from the depths of Adult Yahoo

Originally posted on: June 24 2003 A candid and raunchy discussion with Andrew, also known as lKamikazel . Zantoru says, So, let’s cut right to the chase, Andrew. How about you start out by telling us a little about yourself, out of character? lKamikazel says, Alright. Well, I’m 17 years old and going into the 12th grade. I enjoy … Read more

There’s a Viking in all of us

Originally published: March 2003 Mark interviews Gino. Zantoru walks up and sits in his little reporter stool. Jacques_The_Inquisitor A hush comes over the crowd as the heavens pour out the cascading music of a thousand beautiful voices all ushering in the sexiest man alive, Gino. Zantoru says, Hello Gino, and let me say thanks for … Read more

Adam bites the apple

Originally Published: March 2003 An interview with Adam on Jacmus Prime Roleplay. Zantoru walks in and sits in the reporters chair. Meradoc spins around in his wheely chair and whistles, staring blankly up at the ceiling. Zantoru says, Hello, Adam. I’m here today because I want to interview you on your RP history, what some of your characters … Read more

Interview with Becky – About Mibbles

Original Interview Date: December 28, 2002 Tina: Becky thanks for doing this interview. One of the main reasons for this interview lies with your character Mibbles who recently passed away under OOC and IC controversial circumstances in Jacmus Prime Roleplay. I believe your experience as a player could greatly help new players and other players when … Read more

Interview with Kel – A player for all seasons.

Original interview date: December 28, 2002 Welcome to JP OOC Interview Room:1 Maxius enters Mystletoe puts on her reporter’s cap. Maxius sits on an executive chair, wearing a businessman suit. Mystletoe says, Kel I would like to interview you about your character Maxius who you role-play in Jacmus Prime. I’ve personally had the pleasure of … Read more

Interview with Mayoral Candidate Berendir

Original interview date: November 4, 2002 Alex, “Berendir son of Deren, the Ambassador between the elves and the dwarves of Jacmus-Prime, and Head Beard of the most successful trading industry throughout Finaru, the Sons of Moria, is the first dwarf ever to run for high political office in the continent. “I would like to welcome … Read more

An insight into cross character playing (Feature)

An interview with Ant Tina says, So, Ant… When did you begin first begin rping? DarthAntev says, December 1997. Tina says, Is that online or offline? DarthAntev says, Online. Tina says, How did you find online RP? Was it in yahoo or elsewhere and in which realm? DarthAntev says, Well..when we first got our computer, … Read more

An Outside Look At Role-Play (Feature)

An interview between Saara and Jones There’s always been a time and a place to do something. To become a fireman in the Colorado frontier during fire-season. To become a teacher when a school is short of them. To become a policeman when there needs to be protection in a neighborhood. When is there a … Read more

An experiment gone wrong (Feature)

An interview with the EJ, a roleplayer in the current ITEOR plot Tina Which character do you play in the ITEOR play and what is his/her involvement? EJ Well, I play B’esctra, one of the co-commanders of IteoR’s legions, and personal bodyguard to Jarek who commands the army, B’esctra is basically an experiment gone wrong, … Read more

Interview with Corruption (Feature)

An interview with the Sami, a role player in the current Zarukai plot. Something Cute (4:29 PM) : So Miss Sami. Whats it like roleplaying a plot with Jake? -Tainted. (4:30 PM) : ^.^ Exciting. His plots are -always- intesting. His characters are twisted, witty, abstract, varied. . there’s always a twist. 😀 Fun. Something … Read more