Finaru – a prosperous continent

The ancient land of Finaru claims the most varied and prosperous of kingdoms.

Nations of dwarves, elves, humans, and many other races trace their lineage back to this continent. The vast cultural differences have lead to both unlikely alliances and bitter rivalries.

The most prominent of peoples in Finaru are humans – as with most other lands – however, elves and dwarves have a significant strength in their respective lands.

The continent of Finaru
Finaru competes with Sargaso as the most prosperous of continents.

Geography of Finaru

Rolling green hills, endless stretches of flourishing forests, miles of desert sands, and fenlands mark the beginning to the elaborate and vibrant land of Finaru. The land breathes with vitality, boasting a habitat to support near any creature upon Jacmus Prime.

The mountainous terrain is ideal for the taller, more rugged races of orc and troll, though the dark kin seldom have a chance to flourish near the mining dwarven kingdoms. The trade routes are kept open during all the seasons by the steadfast bearded folk, who will endure the foulest enemies and harshest winters to sell their wares.

Jungles, forests, and coastal regions are highly populated with elves of many varied races and cultures. Trading stems from the elven cities, though they rarely deal with the humans in comparison to the opportunistic dwarves, who find great prosperity in trading with the short-lived, passionate mortal race.

There are human inhabited cities older than most other settlements across the land of Jacmus Prime, save those most ancient dwarven and elven homelands.?These human cities contain lore valuable to any scholar, or leader in Jacmus Prime.

The wealth of knowledge to be found across Finaru is unfathomable, stretching across countless ages, containing the threads of every race and peoples.

Finaru hunting grounds
Finaru hunting grounds

Kingdoms of Finaru

Finaru was once a vast Kingdom that spread to all boundaries of its ocean. During the first fifty years after the God Wars, Finaru was invaded by a legion of Iteor’s armies from Sargaso and the continent became split in two.

Kingdom of Iteor


— Arcalia (Capital)

Kingdom of Cer’kahrin


Lotuvira (Capital)
— Cerkahrin

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