Gem Powers & Bearers

As the celestial bodies, composed of quintessence died in the Gods War, some of the chaotic energies have settled over time and can be found and harnessed through certain precious stones located across Jacmus Prime.?These stones are considered to be rare finds and trade well — though certainly most people wouldn’t trade them at all.

[Read more on the discovery of the Gemstones in Jamus Prime.]

Gem Powers
Gems are one method for tapping into the power of the land left behind after the Gods War.

Stone Magics

A character can attune themselves to these certain precious gemstones with a bit of concentration. They then focus the energy gathered within these precious stones outwards with their willpower to create the desired effect. Each of the precious stones has it’s own ”element” in which it casts it’s powers.

These powers are not defined by any means, so a character may use them in a variety of ways.

Charging Gemstones

After a certain amount of uses within a limited amount of time, the crystal will have used it’s store of the quintessence and needs time to ”charge”, drawing in the ambient power from across Jacmus Prime so that it may be used once again.

If pushed to extremes after the energy has run out of the stone, one can still use powers from it but at the expense of life-force.

Special note about playing with gem powers

There are no set levels?for?powers, or ”charge” times for the reason that freedom of creativity won’t be hindered and have the magic for specific use only.

Falling Gems
Each person can decide the powers of the gemstones at their whim, but it is expected to be within reason.

List of Gems

  • Ruby — Fire
  • Diamond — Light
  • Aquamarine — Water
  • Obsidian — Darkness
  • Topaz — Lightning
  • Emerald?– Poison
  • Crystal — Scrying
  • Onyx — Gravity
  • Graphite — Shielding
  • Amethyst — Heal wounds
  • Zircon — Antidote
  • Opal — Air
  • Amber — Earth
  • White Quartz — Ice

The Gem Bearers

These are the characters past and present that have been known to carry magical gems. To obtain the magical gems, characters have participated in group quests.

  • Mustis – Amber
  • Dalmuros – Amethyst, Graphite
  • Lomindel – White Quartz
  • Phantom Anarchy – Graphite
  • Timballisto – Aquamarine
  • Zarukai – Diamond (gem destroyed)
  • Phantom Malignity – Topaz
  • Jarek – Ruby
  • Dayne – Opal
  • Josha – Diamond
  • Cae’Lythel – Amber
  • Cattrick – Onyx

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