Gemstone magics and their discovery

As the celestial bodies, composed of quintessence died in the Gods War some of the chaotic energies have settled over time and can be found and harnessed through certain precious stones located across Jacmus Prime.

Gemstones and Powers
These gemstones are considered to be rare finds and trade well — though certainly most people wouldn’t trade them at all.


Mustis discovers a powerful gemstone

Soon after the opening of the Hunter?s Lodge South-West Finaru, Mustis discovered the possible whereabouts of an Amber gemstone with the power to manipulate the earth. He sought his friend Dalmuros?s aid in setting out to Sargaso, where they determined would be the most likely terrain to procure such a rare gem.

The call of the gem stone lured Mustis deep into the mountains of the Eastern coast of Sargaso, till he and Dalmuros came upon the dwarf king, and together they ventured into the depths of a winding tunnel. At trails end they found an ancient terror of frightening strength, a serpent that crashed through the walls with thunderous force.

The dwarves fought valiantly, as always they did, and even with the talents of Mustis and Dalmuros their efforts were in vain, till at last the Noldorin unleashed the inferno locked in Fenrin, the artifact longsword he took from Exodia upon slaying him. The serpent?s charged corpse showed the secret of its strength, an?Amber gem amidst the rubble.

Soon after the first gemstone was discovered Dalmuros quested for his own, seeking out an Amethyst gemstone, imbued with the power to heal, in Sargaso, miles inland of the mountain caves he and Mustis found the first.

Dalmuros and friends meet a massive man-eating plant

Dalmuros and his friends, Mystletoe, Lomindel, Mustis, Rucktar, and Vagnar, set out together and fought valiantly against the guardian of the gem, a massive man-eating plant that would have devoured them all but for their combined heroics, banding together to vanquish the monster.

Not long after the second gem was found Lomindel learned of a White Quartz guardian in the frozen lands of Venuso. Purchasing a map, he called upon his friends Dalmuros and Mystletoe to brave the journey by sea North, and the long trek across the tundra.

Lomindel and the?bipedal lizard

There they met a bipedal lizard who wielded a net and trident, fast and deadly it attacked, wounding them all but at last succumbing to its many wounds inflicted by the brave, skilled adventurers. The icy cavern had been hot, illuminated by intense orange and red flames, but at battles end they discovered what magical force kept the cavern from melting in on itself; a White Quartz gem that manipulated frozen temperatures, which Lomindel claimed for his own.

This was the beginning of the discovery of the magical gemstones throughout Jacmus Prime, though to date few more have been found, and then only in perilous, rare circumstances. The most notable discovery of a gem since has been Jarek Lost?s finding of a Ruby, using its ability to forge intense heat and fire to build the empire of IteoR.

Diamond Gemstone
A diamond gemstone was carried by Zaruki but later destroyed.

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