God Artifacts of Di’Marshi

The city of Di’Marshi was ruled by a group of 12 gods – each left behind a magical artifact after their demise.

Many of the artifacts listed here no longer dwell in the ancient city, but have long since been collected as valuable prizes. The names of their new owners, are listed beneath each artifact below.

  1. Hageron
  2. Kole
  3. Aerith
  4. Fenrin
  5. Karetrick
  6. Calbert
  7. Pan and Kin
  8. Daleterina
  9. Oxrile
  10. Daeritus
  11. Kinkt

Hageron -?The god of intelligence and bravery

He controlled no singular element, but all of them. He was the king of Di’Marshi but was completely destroyed in a battle with his rival, Kole. Hageron’s shield still rests within the depths of Di’Marshi any who wields it will become a brave and heroic warrior, able to defend any non-magical blow as if it feather hitting the warrior. Any magical weapon will counteract the abilities of Hageron’s Shield and it will be treated as though a regular shield and whatever the other weapon is are connecting.? During the second expedition Unloved daunted Gaiga into handing over the shield, and carried it away upon his broad shoulders from the ruined city.

Current Owner:? Unloved

Kole – The god of deception and cowardice

Using his artifact, the Cloak of Kole- a simple hooded robe that when worn, renders its user completely invisible until the hood is pulled backwards- Kole was able to kill Hageron, sending Di’Marshi into a constant time lapse in which all the gods were caught, and their essence sealed away. He was killed by Aerith but took her out with him, into the depths of Di’Marshi’s hell.? During the second expedition into Di’Marshi, lead by Decendir, Meradoc claimed the cloak for his own.

Current Owner:? Meradoc

Aerith – The goddess of strategy and life

Her staff is not one of combative magicks, but it enables the -female- user to heal minor wounds, or create an aura around themselves that causes evil-aligned chars. to become uncomfortable with her presence, and usually unable to attack her. She sacrificed herself to kill Kole, leaving only the staff behind. Shanas Kezia recently claimed the staff in a quest to Di’Marshi.

Current Owner:? Shanas Kezia

Fenrin – The god of violence and fire

He fueled the hatred between Kole and Hageron, bloodshed being his pleasure. The sword Fenrin wielded as he charged into battle was able to manifest flames upon its blade. Fenrin was trapped after Kole killed Hageron and nearly found a way to escape in Exodia- but was killed when Throsten took over Exodia’s soul. When Exodia first died, Fenrin changed possession to Dalmuros.

Current Owner: ?Garish Hillsafire

Karetrick – The god of speed and cunning

He was god in which the people would rely on before traveling distances. Karetrick’s life continues currently through Dalmuros who wields his twin scimitars, capable of giving their user more swiftness in mind and body while invoked.

Current Owner:? Dalmuros

Calbert – The god of lightning and destruction

He owned the Heavens, and was an arrogant god. He lives on through Rhysstan currently, his sword capable of becoming coated with electrical waves, and also able to fire off small lightning bolts- his true power however was much mightier.

Current Owner:? Rhysstan

Noz – The god of strength and earth

Everything built or destroyed relied on Noz’s blessings. His hammer could make mountains rise, and make the seas part. His hammer was used as a tool of craftsmanship, but now belongs to Rysstan. His spirit died when Calbert fell him, due to a dispute over a tower Noz’s followers had built in honor of him, which invaded Calbert’s skies.

Current Owner:? Thelonius

Pan and Kin -?The twin gods of companionship and love

Their rings allow the two who bear them to be able to communicate regardless of the distance or barrier. Pan and Kin will always live on wherever there is true love. 😀 After a recent quest, the rings became the possesion of Uros.

Current Owner:? Uros

Daleterina – The goddess of wind and wisdom

Sailors consulted her when plotting their courses, she lives in on Jin through the sickle she used to harvest the crops of Di’Marshi, and spread their seed across the lands.

Current Owner:? Jin

Oxrile -?A demi-god who still exists somewhere deep in the depths of Di’Marshi

He still bears his gauntlets which is stolen from his would provide its wielder with the ability to crawl upon walls, and double their strength. He is a higher-demon, but since the greater gods of Jacmus were destroyed, he has lost his powers. Being only a demon, he was not completely trapped after Hageron’s death.? During the second expedition Timballisto fought the demon, and with the aid of Maximus Mason and Somber Rage defeated him wholly, and took up the gauntlets.

Current Owner:? Timballisto

Daeritus ?- An ancient elf, revered for his combative strategies and political genius

His helmet was believed to bring its wearer immense wisdom as far as tactics were concerned- though it is not certain it has any powers at all. He died of natural causes, and was not truly a god- though he was treated like one, and was able to use great forms of magick.? Rushlight Ironforge, the last to leave the ruins during the second expedition, used his wisdom to pass the test of the ancient, decaying guardian of the helm and thus freed from his duties, allowing him to say farewell to eternity and crumble into ash.

Current Owner:? Rushlight Ironforge

Kintk – A very powerful Fae

This changeling was able to perform illusions that could trick even Hageron. He is still around somewhere, but left behind a mask that could make its wearer appear to be any known person, or even anyone they could create. It could also make them appear to be other races- though their size couldn’t vary too much. (Only humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes and halflings can use this, and can only become one of these races- their physical abilities will not change though.)

Current Owner: ?N/A

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