The Healer’s Cabin

The Healer?s Cabin was the home of Shanas Kezia, a young woman whose healing prowess aided in restoring the health to Rhysstan after the young warrior was severely wounded by a crossbow bolt in the early days of Exodia?s campaign to rule over Finaru.

While Rhysstan had been unconscious a band of orcs sought to destroy the cabin, though the unfortunate creatures had not counted on Dalmuros, the Noldorin swordsman, Damon Redfern, the ferocious kindred, and Rayinara, Rhysstan?s sister, to come to the defense of the land. The goblin ranks were decimated, and thus the healer?s cabin soon became a rallying point for the goodly warrior?s of Jacmus-Prime to meet and stage their plans against the tyrant Exodia.

During the war involving Fort Soule and Exodia the Hunter?s Cabin served not only as a meeting ground, but refuge for the weary soldiers who needed rest and healing. Dalmuros came more than once to the cabin in search of further means to fully mend his wounds.

Weeks after the fall of Exodia, Shanas was offered a position at the Hunter?s Lodge as the resident healer by Dalmuros; a position she accepted, and promptly set up a room there as well. She stays at the healer?s cabin in the wild, visiting the Hunter?s Lodge often.

Shanas since then went on a quest and obtained the Staff of Aerith which helps her with her healings as well as keeping evil away. During the war with IteoR the cabin had many that sought out healings and a refuge from the war.

Alas, more recently Shanas was killed in a cold blooded murder, however rumours whisper of a martyrdom.

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