Hunters’ Lodge

Exodia’s Reign left Southern Finaru in shambles, leaving many homeless and jobless.

The economy was shattered, many left without their careers, losing their feeling of self worth and ability to provide for their families.

Dalmuros, with the aid of the Son?s of Moria, a clan of goodly and drunken dwarves, founded the Hunters’ Lodge. They built it South of Lotuvira in South-West Finaru a mile?in from?the coast.

Adjacent to the Lodge a Tanner?s Shed was erected, where hunters could sell the pelts and skins from their kills in the forest.

Many dark creatures, such as orcs and trolls were left to haunt the forest, but with the emergence of the Hunters’ Lodge, a place stout men and woman could gather and go out in hunting parties, the foul beast?s ranks were soon thinned and scattered.

Dalmuros named Mustis the keeper of the Lodge, entrusting him with the responsibility to look after the place when he was off, adventuring through the land. Berendir, the leader of the Son?s of Moria, soon came to favor the place, setting it as a major base of trading operations, even going so far as to install a forge for the resident blacksmith Udamar.

The location gained steadily in popularity for the months to follow, boasting a full staff of dwarves and wayward adventurers looking for a place to earn a few coins before setting off back on the road.

If you?re ever in the market for a suit of armor, a fine brew of ale, or a hardy slap on the back, then the Hunters’ Lodge is the place. It?s a sure bet too that if you stay awhile and drink enough you?ll meet the famous Rucktar Ironbraid, who will never be too shy to take up a challenge, be it a race to the bottom of a glass, or a contest of strength.

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