Hunting Reserves


Berendir, son of Deren, and the Sons of Moria have undertaken the task of establishing hunting reserves throughout Finaru. The population of creatures detrimental to their environments, and the goodly folk who live near to them, have grown out of proportions and needs to be culled.

Black hearted races such as the bow legged orcs and frighteningly powerful trolls are not the only troublesome beasts in the wide ranging habitats of Finaru. There are mythical monsters of terrible strength that are perilous to even the stoutest of adventurers, and dangerous animals such as cougars and wild boars that threaten the villages of the wild.

Through much research, the Sons of Moria’s lore masters have established?ideal locations for hunting reserves.?Beside each of these areas a Hunters’ Lodge will be constructed – modeled after the success of the first due South of Lotuvira, founded by Dalmuros after Exodia”s Reign.

The Lodge encourages adventurers and hunters to travel to the reserves, offering room and board, with a number of local services. A number of jobs will be available with the emergence of the grand project, from resident blacksmiths and tanners, to chefs and waitresses.

Finaru hunting grounds
Finaru hunting grounds

Ogre Reserve

Along the beach of South-East Finaru is the largest tribe of ogres to be found. The large brutes? too often with two heads to one set of shoulders? are civilized, constructing huts, temples, and their own armories. They are said to be a cursed race of men, though their size and sheer brawn is mightier even than the trolls.

When hunting in this reserve, it would be both prudent and wise to bring along trustworthy and stout friends, and to use extreme caution in going too deep into the savage land. Along the beach is the best place to find the ogres who often take out to the swallow seas to hunt for fish. Be aware the creatures are not dumb, and though they have no skill in stealth, they will come at you with sword and shield, and a battle roar that to has been known to freeze the spine in place and render experienced warriors helpless to their merciless attack.

Ogre weapons and armor can be sold at the resident blacksmith at the local Hunters? Lodge.

Orc Reserve

After Exodia?s Reign thousands of orcs were left without a place to call home. The foul creatures attempted to dig out a foothold about original Hunters? Lodge region South of Lotuvira but were driven out by the increase in warriors and adventurers that slaughtered them and scattered their tribes.

Though orcs can be found anywhere in Finaru they have gathered in the Southern highlands were the trees are thick and the mountainous terrain veils their crude settlements. It is advised that the hunters traveling to this reserve be cautious of being overwhelmed by the roaming hoards. It is advised to travel in bands and use stealth, finding smaller groups of the wretched orcs to slay, rather than becoming prey to a large gathering of the creatures.
The orcs are not without weapon or armor, preferring hard leather or chain mail when it can be found. They carry wooden spears, short swords, and use bucklers and short bows constructed by the more skilled of their dark-blooded kin.

Orc skins can be sold at the tanner?s shed adjacent to the local Hunters? Lodge.

Wild Beast Reserve

A days journey North of Lotuvira there lies a land plagued with an abundance of cougars and boards. Rumors have it that a band of marauding orcs thinned the population of wolves and bears, taking the furs to bring to the higher elevations to keep them warm. The culling had reduced the natural competition, thus heightening the chance for the cougars and boars to thrive, even to a dangerous point.

The creatures have grown aggressive, even seeking to expand their borders in search of fresh prey. This is the ideal terrain for rangers and experienced huntsman to travel and train their skill in tracking, archery, skinning, and survival.

Boar tusks and cougar pelts can be sold at the tanner’s shed adjacent to the local Hunters’ Lodge.

Troll Reserve

Though trolls are no where near as plentiful as the rapid breeding orcs, their strength and fervor in battle make them a much more formidable foe. The mountains in the center of Finaru reach elevations that often allow for snow and icy winds, and it is here that the ghastly creatures have chosen to gather their collective strength and mend the wounds they suffered after Exodia?s defeat and the purging of the dark races.

The most common of the creatures are the cave, also referred to as a mountain troll. They are large, broad shouldered beasts that range greatly in height, but are seldom shorter than a healthy, full grown human. They are by far stronger than orcs, though they lack the cunning to utilize armor and weapons, preferring rocks, branches, and their own mighty limbs for their arsenal.

In the higher elevations where the temperature often drops to freezing, frost trolls, or ice trolls, can be found. They are by far the more dangerous and intelligent of the race. While they range on average shorter their cave brethren, they are broader and possess a greater fortitude in battle. It is not uncommon for them to take the weapons and armor off their kills and wield them as their own, or even to melt down the raw metals and forge their own equipment for war.

Troll pelts can be sold at the tanner?s shed adjacent to the local Hunters? Lodge.

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