Iceglider (Character Race)

The Iceglider race is a not widely known even though they have inhabited North Venuso long before the God Wars. They are an endangered humanoid race thought to exist only in northern Venuso for their physical traits suit a cold climate and would be hindered in a warmer temperature.

Unlike many races that have adapted to the medieval culture of Jacmus Prime, Icegliders would be considered primitive. Preferring to live in small nomadic tribes within ice caverns or crudely made igloos they have long been hunted by Orcs and Goblins for their soft pelt and by the Drow as pets and food.? Their unique characteristics have made the Iceglider endangered. There are less than 70 Iceglider”s living in northern Venuso in 4 known tribes.

In their nomadic tribes, Icegliders usually assume one of three positions, a hunter, a gatherer or a homestayer.? A homestayer is much like a guard who watches over the tribes camp and young while the hunter and gatherer are away.

Icegliders can live up to 600 years of age reaching puberty at around 98 and middle age between 300 and 400 years. Females are easy to distinguish with their sleeker form and rarely bare a litter more than once in their life, usually having 2 to 3 cubs.? The females choose the father for their cubs from another tribe and it is usually a different male to that which they consider their life mate.

Iceglider Magic

From a young age every Iceglider is taught how to defend and fight with primative weapons and crude magics.? Magic is not available to the Iceglider until the have reached puberty (around 98) and are initiated into adulthood with the mark of tattoo usually etched into their thick flesh just above the heart with a dark purplish ink squeezed from a rock pool octopus.? With magic an Iceglider can:

  • camoflague against terrastrial landscapes such as buildings;
  • change their form to that of a seal;
  • create a tunnel vision to see (but not hear) an area of 2 metres square up to 5 kilometres away (hunter & homestayer class);
  • create heat from their claws usually used to cut / melt ice (males only);
  • heal minor wounds or close a life threatening gash so that it can be tended to by more natural means (gatherer class);
  • create a devastating chill over an area of 4 square metres effecting any within it (usually slowing movements) (homestayer class);
  • smell fish (hunter);
  • encourage lichen and other tundra plants to grow at a faster place, days rather than weeks (gatherer);

Excessive use of magic can make an Iceglider ill, the sickness is called Hapaloch, where the ink of the octopus leaks into the blood.? Too much magic can cause death.

Iceglider Personality

Generally the Iceglider is a peaceful race (towards one another) but they are distrustful of all other races especially dark elves, orcs and goblins with whom they have shared their beloved country. Aggression can be easily brought to surface when they fear for their safety.

Iceglider Appearance


While they have a humanoid appearance, their skin is much thicker like that of a seal. This trait allows the Iceglider to wear near to nothing in the frigid climate though some will wear pelts of the animals they kill for food or additional protection, having learnt of such methods by observing other Drow.

Instead of hair, Icegliders have fur upon their head which will often grow outwards on the face especially over the forehead and around the ears. In younger Icegliders, the fur is very soft similar to that of a harp seal. Orcs and goblins have considered this a prized pelt which has helped to make the Iceglider an endangered race.?In females, the fur will also grow down the back of the neck to between the shoulder blades and in males down to the middle of the back.

Color markings

Hair, eye and flesh colour can vary however the shades are usually similar.? A dark skinned Iceglider will have dark hair and dark eyes while a pale skinned Iceglider will have pale or turquoise eyes and very white hair.

Nose and whiskers

Their nose is more like a small snout slightly darker than the rest of their flesh and similar in shape and size to a small domesticated cat.? Some Icegliders especially those over 400 have been known to grow whiskers when their eyesight begins to fail.

Paws and claws

The hands and feet of an Iceglider are more like paws which are thickly padded.? This allows them to move across ice and snow more easily.? As they reach their middle years (300 upwards), fur will also grow on the backs of their hands and on the tops of their feet.? However, there is usually no other fur upon the Iceglider’s body.

Like a cat, their paws will have long claws which can elongate a further three inches usually due to aggression.? Male Icegliders can heat their claws with magic and this is usually done to melt ice for creating igloos.


Icegliders have a small, flat, fan shaped tail of about two inches in length which reflects their emotions.? It will wag when they are happy or peaceful or will become flat and motionless when distressed.? Some Iceglider tribes have created a silent method of communication by using their tails.


Females grow up to around 5ft and males up to 6ft. The shortness is blamed on the thinner atmosphere experienced in the colder climate.

Iceglider History

Icegliders have always been an northern race, living on the Ice and tundra of the country now known as Venuso. They have always been a primitave race due to the lack of contact with other races except for Orcs, Goblins and the occasional Drow who have hunted them as if they were animals.

Life in Venuso is harsh and the Icegliders often have to deal with starvation, isolation and persecution. Despite its hardships, many enjoy their simple tribal life and love of the land, preferring ignorance over curiosity of the larger world.

The tribes being nomadic, meet once every 4 to 7 years on mass and more frequently in smaller social meetings.? At the larger gathering, a tribal king for each of the four tribes is chosen from the strongest younger males after a set of rigorous fights that can lead to death.


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