Interview with Kel – A player for all seasons.


Original interview date: December 28, 2002

Welcome to JP OOC Interview Room:1

Maxius enters

Mystletoe puts on her reporter’s cap.

Maxius sits on an executive chair, wearing a businessman suit.

Mystletoe says, Kel I would like to interview you about your character Maxius who you role-play in Jacmus Prime. I’ve personally had the pleasure of role-playing with him and reading some of your posts on the In Character forum, but some of our readers may not, would you like to start by just describing Maxius’ story to date?

Maxius says, Well … to start with – I had Gaiga before Maxius. He traveled on journeys, and his goal was to become a Magi-Knight (Magic Knight) … so, time by time – he collected only two gems, Topaz and Ruby. Gaiga ventured on a journey for ’em as well.

Mystletoe nods her head listening, adjusting the recording microphone just a tad.

Maxius says, And I believe that Gaiga had completed his goal before he’d died when D’sil killed him when he was venturing yet again … Later, I’ve decided that Gaiga could somehow get in contact with Maxius by going back to his old house as his “soul-form” and talk to Maxius, Gaiga’s little brother, who is currently indentured at the Hunters’ lodge.

Maxius says, Well … and Maxius went out! there was Maxius, the second family of the Ruikzen and I apologize to those if I’d offend them from the name of Ruiken – which I didn’t know that Juntai had that last name … so anywhoo, Maxius went out – ventured and he wasn’t known, not at least until he met a sensei named Master Urzarti – later died because his soul was taken by Gaiga’s obsidian gem … —

Maxius says, the second oldest sibling that is … Maxius was merely at the age of 11 when he obtained the obsidian gem when Master Urzarti and the boy ventuered on the quest, with Aldryanna[sp.] – Becky’s character … Of course, there was fights involved – and yet, Maxius managed to snatch that Gem and he’d completed the quest!

Maxius says, at least, not without a fight at the end though. Later on … something came up – the darkness of the obsidian gem infected Maxius’s mind and leisurely turned him evil as time went on … His first victim, Master Urzarti. In total before he was stopped by Dalmuros and Mystletoe, five victims of the obsidian Gem … —

Maxius says, His gems and his accessories was stripped away from Maxius and he was indentured into the Hunters’ lodge for three years until he’d pay his ‘debt’ for he has repaid for what he had done … that’s all I gotta say ..

Maxius folds his legs, looking towards Tina.

Mystletoe says, That’s an intriguing story so far. Though I have a few questions to ask from things that intrigued me. Firstly, Master Urzarti, was he a role-played character or an NPC? Or is that part of Maxius’ history, background information on your character before you began role-playing him?

Maxius clears his throat…

Maxius says, Well, Master Urzarti at first – was an NPC then I turned him into a playable character, played by me.

Maxius slightly plays with a pen, looking towards Tina ..

Mystletoe says, That’s cool. Do you think Gaiga may have passed over to the Nightlands? That’s Jacmus Prime’s Spiritual World. If so, do you think you could role-play him from their trying to get in touch with Maxius?

Maxius says, Well … Perhaps I could’ve role-played with him, but I thought … writing a story in the In-Character Forum was more … well – better. Even though, I could’ve role-played him in chat and you do have a point. And to question number one, yes – perhaps he could’ve if I’d been more familiar with the Nightlands, but I needed a short story to … create Maxius – bring him alive!

Maxius grins and chuckles slightly.

Mystletoe says, (LOL) Well that brings me to a nother point. What was the idea that gave rise to Maxius. In other words, what made you think of creating the character Maxius?

Maxius says, ( >_>!! ) Well … I thought to carry the Ruikzen generation along as I roleplay. You know, people would get a different and new character after the character died but … at that time – I thought perhaps I’d play a slightly different character, the person with same bloodline and the sibling of Gaiga, So I thought Maxius! And … What do I think? I think .. I’ve done a good idea on creating Maxius. If it wasn’t for Maxius – I’d have 236246 other character right now… Y’know – I haven’t created very much character since I roleplayed with Maxius. The boy is the … oldest, Jacmus Prime character I’ve roleplayed with. So, I thought Maxius helped me.

Mystletoe says, I must admit, you took the taking away of the gem and weapons from Maxius really well. And since then, I notice from the IC board, that you have have been role-playing out very detailed indentured tasks. In one of these posts, your character found a wolf. Now, it’s not often that players actually role-play out the menial tasks of the their characters as I have seen you do on the IC board, what’s your purpose behind these? Is it purely for character development, or is there another reason, such as the post finding the wolf?

Maxius chuckles, adjusting slightly in his chair …

Maxius says, Well, I thought RPing Maxius alone – being indentured, I mean .. someone would need to make friends. Maxius was being … well – rather lonely. So, I thought of … “Lassie” – You know a bonding with a dog and Tommy? Well … So, I currently play Maxius’s wolf at first as a pup whom was found in a forest. Later, Maxius and the wolf, who is now named – Silver became slightly older over the months of being in the Hunters’ lodge, choppin’ trees together. Their bond grew between Silver and Maxius.

Maxius says, Around last week, was my first time role-playing Silver and Maxius in chat together, kicking some goblin’s “asses”. And I, myself – indeed had fun, also as for Maxius and Silver. Sadly, part of the Hunters’ lodge burnt down, but thankfully – most of it was saved by Maxius, Silver and other citizens whom was willing to risk their lives to save the Hunters’ lodge from the attacking goblins.

Mystletoe says, Do you have transcript for that? I don’t think I’ve seen it and would love to read it if you do.

Maxius says, Well … I’m afraid I do not have transcript for that – but you could ask Adam, Becky, etc … for details if you like. Hey, even Seth was there.

Mystletoe says, Thanks I’ll follow them up. Now much has been said for the naming of your character, Maxius Ruizken. You’ve already apologised above for the surname (Chuckles) but I have to ask how did you come up with the name you used? Naming characters for some players is one of the hardest things of character creation.

Maxius chuckles.

Maxius says, Well … On that morning while I was waiting for the school bus – outside I was thinking of a name … Maximus? No … there was already an Maximus. Maxis? No … Sims Company owns that name. It took me all morning to think of that name, even if during classes I didn’t think of roleplaying that much. By the time I arrived to MML (MultiMedia Lab) class, I thought … “Maxius”. I asked my friend for the opinion and he said, why not “Maximus” – it’s cool. Then I told him there was already a “Maximus” and he agreed with Maxius.

Maxius grins lightly.

Mystletoe says, Ah. (Grins back) Well thankyou for enlightening us on that. With Maxius, what are your plans? Do you already have an idea of where you want to go with him, or are you just letting the role-play shape your character’s destiny at the moment? What do you think is in store for Maxius?

Maxius ‘s eyes squints slightly as his mind goes into thinking ..

Maxius says, well …

Lullaby Sits in the audience, scribbling notes furiously onto her paper, an’ shovin huge rimmed glasses up against the brigde of her nose occasionally.

Maxius says, I’m letting the present role-play shaping my character. And I do have a plan, but I wouldn’t be sure if that plan would work … (chuckles lightly) I thought maybe in the future, when Maxius becomes free or un-indentured — y’know there isn’t anything on the BACK of Jacmus Prime planet. So, what if I made him discover a small island or a very small contient at the center of the back global map of Jacmus Prime and … Maxius would indeed make a good future king. But I don’t know if that’d be true.

Maxius chuckles again.

Mystletoe says: lol. Well on that note, we’ll make it a wrap. Thank you very much for letting my interview you about Maxius.

Mystletoe switches off the recorder and stands to shake Kels’ hand.

Maxius nods slightly and gets up, shaking Tina’s hand.

Maxius says, Thank you, Tina.

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