Interview with Mayoral Candidate Berendir

Original interview date: November 4, 2002

Alex, “Berendir son of Deren, the Ambassador between the elves and the dwarves of Jacmus-Prime, and Head Beard of the most successful trading industry throughout Finaru, the Sons of Moria, is the first dwarf ever to run for high political office in the continent.

“I would like to welcome you here on behalf of the voting public to answer questions pertaining to the interests of the great city of Lotuvira, and the highly diversely populated lands beyond.”

Berendir, “Greetings! Har, me honor and privilege for the chance to speak to me folk. Don’t ye be shy in the asking of any questions me friend.”

Alex, “As you know Berendir, the land of Finaru boasts diversity and acceptance of many cultures, but the majority of the voters, those living in and around the densely populated cities, are humans. How do you imagine you’ll fare gaining their vote?”

Berendir, “Hrm, well ye be knowin’ in the beginning of the race I was alone. There be certain advantages to having no competition ye see. But now with the emergence of the lady Nivea, I be believing the good humans of Lotuvira will be for choosin’ me for me honor, experience, and commitment to the betterment O the land!”

Alex, “There’s no doubt that you have an edge on experience in both politics and work, given that you’ve lived already more then two human life times, and have served as an Ambassador, and clan leader for well over a hundred years. But surely being stationed in the capital city of Lotuvira, as a Mayor to a population predominated by humans, you’ll find new challenges?”

Berendir, “Yar! Challenges be for keepin’ the blood rushin’ in me veins. The humans ain’t for bein’ much different than me kin, save we be for bearded woman! I be making assure the humans have a foot in me cabinet in the least, right beside the elves! All the goodly folk be havin’ a say, a vote and a job for all the stout hearted folk!”

Alex, “Though few would question your honor, a proven hero and leader in war, some do say they will have an easier time heeding the words of Nivea, a human woman who can relate to the masses, and perhaps could rally them behind crucial political issues.”

Berendir, “Rally! Har! Ye ain’t fer… I be knowing how to talk to me friends and me folk just fine. I be short n’ I be stout and me heart be as true as an elf’s aim with a bow! I be for the people, fer fighting for the people! Surin’ it’ll be takin’ a bit of gettin’ used to, but me be up fer the task and believing as Mayor I can do right by me land and me friends, building a better Finaru for the elves, humans, and me own! Huzzah!”

Alex, “Always refreshing to see such animated enthusiasm from a politician. There are rumours already afoot that a campaign between such contrasting opponents, a human female with a questionable record, and an honest, hard working dwarf, might call for mud-slinging and negative campaigning. If your rival candidate chooses such tactics, how will you react?”

Berendir, “Well I ain’t for no mud-slingin’! This be politics, it ain’t war, I be fer boostin’ the economy, forgin’ a safer home and riddin’ the land of the scourge O dark hearted fiends! Argh, orcs n’ trolls, they be fer warrin’ against, I ain’t fer no negative campaignin’. I be for tellin’ the folk what I got a mind to do, and I got a mind to do what I say I be for doin’!”

Alex, “Thank you for your time Berendir, truly it has been an honor to sit down and chat about coming race. I would just like to ask before I let you go back to your work to outline your three major goals in the campaign.”

Berendir, “That a lad! Get down to business, the meat n’ grit of the Mayorship! I be for creatin’ new jobs through trade with Moradil and Arydus! Me own clan the Sons of Moria be for leadin’ the rebuildin’ efforts in Arydus, the city havin’ got a good smashin’ durin’ the war ‘gainst that good fer nothin’ necromancer n’ his demon dog! Har! I be openin’ up Hunters’ Reservations too, me clansman workin’ on settin’ up lands that be for employin’ all the hunters in honest labor. Ah and aye! We be buildin’ vast underground dwellings for men, dwarves and elves alike! Even got some of em’ trees growin’!”

Alex, “And you believe there’s a demand from the humans, and elves for underground communities and homes?”

Berendir, “Well yar! Ifin’ ye be one of the many homeless souls we got in our fine land, ye be as happy as a dwarven lad to see the vastness of our mining colonies! We be for offerin’ a life of good n’ decent work, comfortable quarters n’ the promise that yer mug of ale will always be full along side yer plate of fresh meat. An this too be for givin’ architects and minors work! The lands be ravaged by war, the folk be needin’ jobs to feed their family, fer their pride and their bellies! Har!”

Alex, “Thanks again Berendir, and good luck to you during the campaign. In parting, would you like to make any final comments?”

Berendir, “Aye! Vote for Berendir! Yar! The Mayor that will fight for you!”

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