Islands of Jacmus Prime

Islands of Jacmus Prime

There?exists Continents, Kingdoms, Countries, Cities, Towns, Villages, Outposts and Islands, all of which make up the world of Jacmus Prime.

Off the southern coast of Finaru, found between it and Sargaso lie three prominent Islands, three land masses significant enough to establish their own societies.

Sedian Isles

Sedian Isles is made up of a number of smaller Islands created by the rising of another Island near to its location.?Two of the Islands that make up Sedian?Isles?are known to be inhabited and rich in culture.

Eruvasu -?formerly known as Mordor

Once known as Mordor, a dark powerful island pulled from the sea by a magical force, the hidden land, Eruvasu?now lies shrouded in?mist and mystery.? It was one of the only places in Jacmus Prime where magic exuded inside its mountainous perimeters. It was a?place of dark intrigue, where vampires, demons, elves, humans and other creatures, both monstrous and beautiful resided and possibley still do.? Since the mysterious disappearance of the magical castle whose roots lay deep within the land?the Island has remained hidden and lost?within?thick fog. Trecherous waters have made the Island almost unreachable since the castle vanished.

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