The Kingdom of IteoR

Sprawled across Nothern Finaru, the Kingdom of IteoR holds sway with the entire northern half of Finaru. Through the rolling hills, the forests, the plains the Legions of IteoR march, and train. Their numbers vast, their dedication fanatical. Cities rise above the landscape, all connected by roads still under construction.

Though IteoR know holds North Finaru, it was once held by the Kingdom of Dymises, who proclaimed themselves “The Dark Ones” based on their religious order.

The Rise of IteoR

Most of the cities of IteoR willfully accepted the rule of the Flame of the North. They betrayed their old kingdom, Dymises. Fully turning their backs on their old rulers they joined the Legions of IteoR, swelling the numbers of the already massive armies. Within two weeks the entire kingdom of the Dark Ones fell to IteoR.

With their only rivals completely squashed under an iron fist of Legionaries, the IteoRians began to build up their own city. Already it had begun, but with all the slaves they had taken they continued work ten-fold. Great gothic constructions rise above the land in the middle of Nothern Finaru .

The city is built like a wheel. Extending from the central hub, the Palace. The Palace towers eight stories towards the heavens, the tallest structure in the city. From there orderly roads spread in every direction, though only one actually enters the Palace grounds. Surrounded by a wall, and guarded by the five-hundred Elite Guard, the Palace is the beating heart of City of IteoR, and IteoR, the beating heart of Northern Finaru.

Iteor gothic town
One of the many circular, narrow streets in the gothic towns of IteoR

IteoR Social System

The social systems of IteoR are simple.?Workers and peasants are not taxed greatly, they live and work at their own free will. The common worker/peasant of IteoR is much more prosperous that those of any other realm.?Above them are the land owners, who rent out their lands for farming. Above the land-owners are the Nobles, Chancellors and ambassadors of the cities. They usually own many acres, and have a direct say in the government. All the peoples may vote who the Chancellor of their city is. They choose wisely, for if they choose poorly, the representation of their city will be short. King Jarek is not a patient man.

Above all the commoners are the soldiers, the Legionaires. Trained exclusively in group combat, the soldiers of IteoR are flesh sheathed in some of the finest dwarven mail. Elven steel is used to construct their weapons, making them sturdy, incredibly sharp, and light-weight. The Legion is composed of 1,100 men. 100 archers, and 1000 fighting men. Calvary legions are arrayed in groups of 650, as the majority of the grounds in IteoR are forested hills, there is precious little space for a Calvary encampment, either training or breeding.

The common IteoRian wears somber, aesthetic clothing. Nothing flashy, nothing but utilitarian. Yet in the City of IteoR there are many dancers, and performing troops who constantly perform. The arts are promoted, dancing and music pushed the hardest. The economy is set up much like the utilitarian attitude that the commoners, all the way up to the King embrace.

Economy of IteoR

The economy is based around not only agriculture, but useful tools and implements. Spurred forth by the large population of dwarves, the humans of IteoR build and export some of the finest tools in the world. No armor or weaponry is ever given to anyone besides IteoRian legionaires.

Iteor house
The average decor inside an IteoR house of a legionnaire.


The religion of IteoR is almost non-existant. With such a diverse population, the Royal government does not institute any organised religion over the masses, and instead allows them to worship as they will. Yet, in heart all IteoRians are caught up by the living being of Chaos that swells and covers their lands as the hand of the King of the North, Jarek.

History of IteoR

Spread along the shorelines, thousands of outsposts and encampments reign. Through the central sections of the realm, the main force of Legionaires. And in the south the Lord of the Southern Marches, Sintak holds the neck of Finaru , connecting the North and South.

Though no plans of conquest are being considered, the Lord-General of IteoRian forces, Jujenjistu, holds his men in constant readiness. With the advent of Zhou Yu joining the IteoRian forces, the two generals, along with the King, plan the military future of IteoR. Constantly training, the brutral and highly disciplined soldiers of IteoR begin their march, holding the lands in their Iron Fist. And waiting… But for what?

The King, Jarek Lost, sits atop his throne in the City of IteoR. Though complete and absolute ruler, Jarek listens to all sides before making his decisions. He weighs all counsel with his own desires, and many times finds that others are right. Fair and honest, if still brutal, Jarek commands the respect of his people through their fanatacism and his unwavering devotion to making their lives better.

To ensure that he survives in this mission the Dark Warrior, the Hand of Death, and the Shadow of Darkness, B’esctra, guards the King. A vicious drow warrior, second to none in the wiles of combat and stealth, B’estra follows the King and believes in the brutal Chaos of IteoR. He is the extreme, the furthest from the Light that any in IteoR embrace. Yet he is loved. And Jujenjistu is the furthest extreme away from Darkness. Yet in this, IteoR remains neutral, not caring for ones alignment, not judging and staying open-minded.

With the powerful warriors of the Legions, the deadly generals and the might of his Shadow, Jarek’s rule seems to be nowhere near to ending. Prosperous and plentiful the peoples of IteoR spread out from the capital, the population of both the Legions and the Civillians ever growing, expanding. Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Ogre, Troll, Pestimissian. All races united in one singular purpose, one driving resolve.

Let the Lord of Chaos rule.

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