Kingdoms of Jacmus Prime

Out of chaos comes order.

In some cultures, a leader is chosen based on might and strength, in others persuasion.

When a leader becomes a ruler through the consensus of influential families, many of whom interbreed with the desire to maintain certain aspects of a bloodline, a Kingdom is born.

A castle for a Kingdom
A castle for a Kingdom – not every castle has a Kingdom, nor every Kingdom a castle.

Definition of a Kingdom

A Kingdom is a society ruled by royal blood, usually a monarchy with royal blood succession.

The following list represents the Kingdoms of Jacmus Prime, past and present.

  • Darkstar
  • IteoR kingdom
  • IteoR
  • Letralt
  • Celikor
  • Cer-Kahrin
  • Dymises
  • Ust?Ssyli
  • Underdark
  • Mordor

About Kingdoms and Castles

Not every castle has a Kingdom, nor every Kingdom a castle. In some areas of the three vast continents of Jacmus Prime there are Kingdoms with multiple castles. Castles may be built to play an important military role, as well as house the royal family who may travel their Kingdom depending upon the wars, seasons and festivities.

Castles built for a military purpose are positioned to control a particular area. These castles are frequently located near areas of high population, or along or near to borders with another Kingdom or country.

Port city and Kingdom
Port cities with castles often boast a large fleet of military ships.

Castles located near other fiefdoms may be able to withstand sieges ?depending upon their complexity and the fertile nature of the land around the castle prior to the siege. A castle that does not have a village or farmland surrounding it is unlikely to have well stored granaries.

A castle that is not easily threatened may hold a small contingent of domestic staff who keep and prepare the castle with a small amount of notice for a royal visit. Other castles may have battle ready armies that are overseen by a live-in relative of the royal household such as Duke or Baron.

A castle and its overseer usually acts as the court of law for the lands that it administers.

Royal Palace
A soldier stands guard outside a royal palace. A palace is often the prime living residence for a royal family within a Kingdom, usually located inside the capital city.

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