A kingdom of grandiose proportion that few have beheld. It is here, where one of Jacmus Prime?s oldest cities remains in tact- for the most part cut off from the rest of civilization.

Wardoluf - Now a ghost town, but once a powerful city
Letralt is located in the North-West area of Venuso.

The heart of Letralt lays between a mountain pass, standing on top of a plateau. Dryxton Dace, the current king, is a man of understanding and wisdom that seeks only for the betterment of his land until the day comes again when they will bask in their former state of glory.

Letralt - A City of old architecture
Letralt – A City of old architecture, cut off for the most part of from the rest of Jacmus Prime

Though Letralt lies near to the North-West coast of Venuso, it is by no means an easy feat to arrive in Letralt by Sea. ?The ocean around is often frozen or littered with icebergs. Their depths are impossible to see and more boats have ended their passages treacherously than those that have made it to land.

To travel from the North-West coast to Letralt is also a dangerous venture. ?It is far wiser and quicker to trek the mountainous passes above Arydous and brave the locals of Wardoluf. ?Because of this, Letralt remains a Kingdom and City rarely visited, cut off from the rest of Jacmus Prime

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