Magical Tattoos

A group of barbarian wanderers who pride their caste system based on tattoos that have been received, found that the plants they choose that supply their ink for the skin art, have been touched by the ambient quintessence left from the Gods War. They found they could now summon abilities and items depending on the pictures depicted by the magical tattoo. Like a weave of magic written into the very being of the recipient of the tattoo. From this time, many people have adopted the ways, in a way to better themselves.

Receiving Magical Tattoos

The process of receiving the tattoo is extremely painful and can cause physical and psychological damage to the recipient. Because of this, usually youth and teens are the individuals to receive the treatment. having the magics etched into the skin makes the recipient fall into a week and almost ill state for the next week after receiving the inking. This is expected to be roleplayed out.

Activation of the Tattoos

To summon the tattoos abilities, the individual touches the desired image and unleashes its power with willpower alone. Sometimes people chant in order to concentrate on the summoning of the ability, while others may use a form of simple meditation to help with their focusing process.

All tattoos are permanent and can be used as many times as desired.

When a tattoo is in use, the ink disappears from the skin, until it is returned. Returning a tattoo can be done with merely a thought. If it is a physical creation, the object will dissipate into a fine mist and etch itself back onto the skin within moments.? Though no pain is received at this time. If the item was destroyed, it will return to the body just the same.

Types of Tattoos

Summoning tattoos

Can summon the item or creature drawn onto the skin into life, creating it from a swirling mist of mystical energies.

Power tattoos

Can be used to activate the power linked to the tattoo for a total of 3 times per day, and lasting for 3 rounds per time it is summoned.

Summoning Tattoos

Weapon of any type

Will summon the depicted weapon of full size and functionality into the hands of the user. This is just a normal weapon, but removes the disadvantage of ever being completely unarmed, and helps in the obvious way of not having to carry the equipment on your person.

Weapon Ignited in Flames

Will cause a weapon of the type drawn to actually ignite in a mystic energy, though it’s certainly not fire. It flickers as such. to cause aggravated, more damaging attacks. People use this mostly when encountering supernatural creatures.

Weapon with Wings

You can summon a lost weapon back to the hands in the chance it is removed from your grip with a thought alone. It saves the tattoo-bearer from actually having to think to dispel and concentrate to resummon the weapon. Oftentimes in a heated battle one doesn’t have the time to perform such actions and have found themselves dead without this ability.

A Shield

This tattoo summons an invisible set of armor around the caster. it allows him the freedom of not wearing any armor, while affording him the protection of an armor like chainmail. Other types of strengthened armor cannot be summoned through this ability.? Such as plate armor.

A Swinging Weapon

This tattoo will be of a weapon with lines tracing off the back of it, as if it were being swung. Activation of this design causes a blade to become lighter, faster, and able to strike truer. It is much more difficult to dodge a weapon that has this ability used on it.? While it cannot be truly drawn out in rules, this is expected to be roleplayed out. And will certainly be taken into consideration by the judges.

Animal Tattoos

Will bring forth from the ink an animal of the type drawn. They are not extraordinary in any way, but are completely loyal to their master He/She who bears the tattoo. They will summon up anywhere the caster desires within a 20 foot radius of where they stand. They can be used to perform simple actions, and can be nearly any normal animal. Some tattooed people have used this ability to get a rat/ferret or other tiny creature to pilfer keys from guards, while others prefer the use of hunting cats to help them as a guide or in actual combat. When the animal dies it returns to it’s place on the caster and cannot be used again for a week. Otherwise it can be summoned and dispelled at any time.

Mythical creatures such as dragons cannot be summoned in this manner. Multiple creatures can be summoned provided there is a tattoo for each.

Power Tattoos

Mystical Eye

In the orient, the third eye is a symbol of enlightenment and extreme knowledge. This tattoo is commonly placed onto the middle of the forehead as per the beliefs of the mind being opened with the opening of the ”third eye”. This tattoo unlike many of the others, has several different powers usable, but is more painful, and costly to the bearer when put onto his/her skin.

The eye can be used as a sort of precognition. One can predict hazy events of the near future through activation of this power. This does not display images of the distant future, but danger at hand. One can predict when attack is imminent and prepare accordingly.

With this power the eye can be used for clairvoyance, and see an event taking place from a long distance away without the need the be there. This power however does not transmit the sounds of any event, only summons random flashes of images as they take place, much like a slideshow. This power works up to 2 miles.

With the third power available for this tattoo, one can hold an object or be in an area and witness events that happened including the object or what happened in the place. This is also hazy at best. It is rumored that some have gone mad or went into cardiac arrest and died from shock while trying to witness events that weren’t meant to be.

With this power of the tattoo, one can look from an Eagle’s view, as if looking down with a sharp eye from high up in the sky. There can be many advantages to seeing the world as such. Finding a way through a maze. Checking casualties of war, etc. It is as if the user is looking down from 500 feet above where he actually stands and can view in a wide radius.

The Goodly God’s Symbol

Upon activation of this power, one can begin to broadcast invisible waves of power detectable only to lesser undead. Minor zombies, skeletons and other creations will flee from the immediate area, trying to make their way away from the bearer of the tattoo.? One cannot receive this and still receive the Evil God’s Symbol.

The Evil God’s Symbol

There are tales of those who have faced the barbarians in combat, that say they rise to finish a battle, even after death. Even the fallen who were once against them rise to battle in their defense. This tattoo gives the wearer the ability to animate a corpse for up to 5 turns. An experienced caster can eventually learn to animate up to 4 corpses at a time, though this takes much skill! This cannot be put onto the skin if one already has the Goodly God’s Symbol.

The War God’s Symbol

The God of War died during the battle against the Horseman, but his power lives on through his worshippers. This tattoo is exclusive to the Barbarian tribes who believe their God will one day rise again to retake his position in the pantheon. This tattoo gives the bearer doubled speed and strength for a limited time, a short unspecified time for typical roleplay scenarios, or three rounds for combat scenarios.

Stake Piercing a Heart

Used almost exclusively by those tattooed people who hunt the ever-hated undead. This affords protection from being turned into a vampire oneself, and cancels any mind altering effects that the vampire may perform.?This includes the likes of Presence, Dominate, etc etc..

A Serpent with Wings

A representation of the mightiest of creatures who once ruled the skies unrivaled. When activated this tattoo affords the user the ability to fly up to 100 feet in the air.

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