Patchwork creatures — those created artificially from parts of different beasts — are often the most violent beings to walk the land. The Manticore is no exception. This fearsome foe loathes every other living organism, and thoroughly enjoys ripping them limb from limb, regardless of species.

Its head is that of a demon, fangs dripping with the poison of vipers; its eyes are that of a Sauren Basilisk, capable of stunning foes with a glance; its body is that of a lion, corded muscles ready to lash out; its wings are those of a dragon, easily taking it into the air; its tail is that of an enormous scorpion, tipped with a blade sharp enough to tear Mythril.

Currently, there is only one Manticore in existence. This abomination is held in an enchanted cage in the Underdark, under careful supervision of drow mages. It is never released; instead, the drow city of Ut”Natha uses it as an execution tool for criminals. Should one wish to battle it, the drow would happily oblige, and likely make the fight a public exhibition.

Patchwork creatures usually created and found in the Underdark.

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