Masks of the Lost Guardians

The Elements of the Guardians.

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Lightning
  • Poison
  • Air
  • Ground
  • Antidote
  • Healing
  • Light
  • Darkness
  • Scrying
  • Gravity
  • Ice
  • Shielding


Within the past, before the god wars, there were fourteen guardians, and each guardian symbolized an element of their own. They were indeed powerful, as they surpassed the mages? powers, yet the day would come, whilst their powers altogether wouldn?t be enough to deter the obliteration of the gods.

However, while the obliteration swept throughout the planet, the guardians attempted with the entirety of their power to maintain alive as the survivors. Indeed, they did- the guardians? powers, which they used, altogether were used to ?shield? the guardians from complete death. Each element of the guardians? power produced fourteen masks, as the quintessence of the guardians soon resided into the masks. All fourteen masks scattered throughout the world and the guardians became an ancient myth of the past. Several have spoken the story was to be true, and several others have spoken it was to be false.

The Power of the Masks

The Masks of the Lost Guardians contains a certain amount of elemental power, an element of each mask would represent. (I.E. Mask one represent an element, while mask two represent another element of its own.) The Masks of the Guardians can be powerful, as there isn?t a limit to the magic or power of the masks, unlike of gems. However, as the quintessence of the guardian resides within the mask, their voices can be heard to the bearer, as communicating in a telepathic manner. The bearer however can converse with the quintessence, by using their mind, as if thinking, and then the quintessence of the guardian would heed the voices of the bearer.

The intention of the quintessence of the guardians residing within the masks is to attempt to still defend the peace and humanity, as they would be as one with the bearer of the mask. The quintessence would also attempt the reflection of the history onto the bearer, as randomly from time to time, the quintessence would inflict a vision or view of the past, though the vision would be almost mute, as slight sounds or whispers would be heard. The quintessence would inflict certain visions, which would teach the bearer of the history, prior to the god wars and throughout. As the vision of the past would be inflicted onto the bearer, the bearer would be left vulnerable, as intense pain would run throughout their head as a headache, whilst the quintessence is inflicting the vision or reflection of the history onto the bearer.


  • Sephral: Poison
  • D’sil: Mask of Darkness

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