In the ruins of the underground Dwarven city of Silverdeep, there is a massive labyrinth, designed by the infamous engineering genius Kalim Stone-Crest. The maze is a 144 square mile network of intricate tunnels and corridors. Throughout these earthen passageways rest thousands of unique traps and dangers, from falling floors to crushing boulders to poison-tipped darts.

The largest threat within the maze, however, is the Minotaur. Imprisoned within the labyrinth by the ancestors of the Sons of Moria, this gigantic monstrosity has roamed the maze for centuries. It is a freakish deformity, a product of a twisted magical experiment: Where there should be a human head resting upon the enormous, muscled torso, there rests the horned head of a bull. His skin is as tough as reinforced leather, and the giant axe he wields has enough strength behind it to shatter?the hardest of metals.

Brute strength is not the entirety of the Minotaur’s arsenal, however. He knows his labyrinth by heart, long since memorizing every trap, every corner, every dead end. When someone intrudes upon his maze, whether by choice or by force, he is just as willing to outwit them into a trap as he is to crush their skull underneath his axe.

Beast trapped within a maze by the Sons of Moria

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