The chief rival of Tianys, Moradil has prospered greatly from the attempted expansion of the Celkor Kingdom in Sargaso.

Moradil, Sargaso - now part of the ITeoR, empire.
Moradil, Sargaso – now part of the IteoR, empire.

With each year the Dwarves suffer greater casualties from the humans warlike marches over mountainous territory – subsequently causing the Dwarves to favor trade with the peaceful lands to its east where Moradil rests, upon the far coast.

Moradil’s inhabitants are mostly Human, though Dwarves and Elves are more common in the hospitable, non expansionist city.

During the IteoR invasion along the coast of eastern Sargaso, thought at first to be a military campaign to conquer and destroy the elves beneath Darkstar’s rule, the IteoR forces stormed Moradil and inhabit it still, benefiting off the strong established trade routes.


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