The Nightlands (Dreamworld)

The exact look of The Nightlands sometimes referred to as the Dreamworld, changes constantly to reflect the mood of the Lord of the area.

Golden Beams Forest
A NightLord has the ability to change the landscape from tranquil scenes to nightmarish storms.


Ranging from dark forests with twisted limbs to beautiful flatlands teeming with life. Their power is linked to how much chaos exists within the continent they are linked to.

Nightlands Wall of Ice
Wall of Ice – a Nightlands scene reflecting Venuso.

The NightLords / Dreamlords:

Powerful and feared are the Lords of The Nightlands. This is a coveted position in the Nightlands Dreamworld, though it is not easy to take from an existing lord.


As a lord, one has power over the land itself while in their own Domain. While they cannot change it entirely on a whim they can slowly mend it to reflect their mood or mindset.

  • He/she has the ability, with concentration to see anywhere in the lands he chooses to.
  • If someone in his domain speaks the lord’s name, they hear that and the next couple of sentences thereafter. This makes it very difficult to plot against one of the lords.
  • The Nightlord/Dreamlord can create an illusion — with audio and visual — anywhere in their Domain.
  • Perhaps the most coveted of the abilities is to phase into the material world.

They may also pick a power to suit their character, within reason and through discussion with Staff.


Oftentimes the lords of the dead phase into the material world, typically a projection of their former self, though most any form can be taken [within reason]. They are solid beings though and are subject to the same things they would have been in life. In this form they may -not- be the initial attacker in a battle and expect to be able to use their powers, they are merely rigged for self defense as they are not truly meant to add the carnage of the surface themselves.


In the Nightlands/Dreamworld:

Yes, it is possible to die in the here, these deaths happen somewhat often due to power hungry souls wanting to battle for lordship. However, after so many deaths a soul finally passes to it’s -final- resting grounds in the astral. This happens after 5 deaths in the Nightlands/Dreamworld. Such a death causes the soul to disperse and rest for 24 hours.

In the physical realm:

When a Nightlord/Dreamlord makes an appearance in the real world, it’s usually to cause chaos or help an old friend. Generally to twist fate in new directions through helpful or deceitful means. During their stay they are mortal and can die, such action causes them to become banished from the surface of Jacmus-Prime for 2X days per death in the mortal realm.

Nightlands Magic Box Maze
Chaos in the Nightlands – a landscape of mayhem, terror and confusion lies within this maze

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