Elemental Book of Nirvana – (Darkness)

Before using the elemental spell books you will need to learn about?elemental magic?and which Nirvana spells are available to the elemental path that has been chosen. Only a very experienced elementalist can create Nirvana spells outside of those in the elemental books.

Darkness Spell: Smother

Ingredients: Piece of moistened black cloth.

Procedure: Roll the cloth in your palm, concentrating on the light source.

Result: Minimal concentration and practice will cause the light to flicker, and often die out completely plunging the area into darkness.

Darkness Spell: Conceal

Ingredients: Dress in a wool cloak, hold two torn pieces of silk.

Procedure: Go completely still and concentrate fully on blending in with surroundings, or blending something else into its surroundings.

Result: You will subtly fade into your surroundings if no one is watching you. You will be unable to move, or the spell will fail. If cast on an object, it will more swiftly become invisible.

Darkness Spell: Blind

Ingredients: Dust, black silk.

Procedure: Fold black silk over clump of dust, then flip it open in direction of target’s eyes.

Result: If properly prepared, the dust will temporarily blind the target, whether man or beast. They will feel as if darkness surrounds them. The amount of time depends on victims will. If wind, or mischance blows any of the dust back in the casters eyes, they too will suffer the visual impairment for a time.

Nirvana book of darkness
Through the proper knowledge, ingredients, and procedures, elemental magics can be harnessed into useful, and often potent spells.

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