Oceans and Seas

Oceans and Seas
The Oceans and Seas of Jacmus Prime

Kryenian Ocean

The waters are enjoyed predominantly by the inhabitants of Northern and Central Finaru. Reputedly the surf is ideal during the warmer months of the year, and seldom are their reports of sharks or other undesirable creatures along the shoreline. The ocean is often crossed by IteoR trading vessels sailing back and forth between Moradil.

Mithaquelle Ocean

The frigid and unforgiving sea if avoided by trading ships sailing to and from Moradil. There were rumors in ancient times of mythical sea monsters emerging from the icy depths to swallow whole the ships of stout hearted adventurers. In later days scholars agreed a more probable cause of the vanished boats and sailors being an insidious coral reef, scraping through the bottom of poorly navigated ships and leaving them doomed to sink and splinter apart.

Eadoin Ocean

The cool and calm waters of the Eadoin Ocean would be ideal for swimming and leisurely sea voyages, if not for the plethora of Ogre fishing vessels that patrol the trading routes. It is not uncommon for poorly defended vessels to be looted, or worse yet, the crew slaughtered, if spotted by the ruthless creatures.

Balenorn Ocean

The Dwarves of Moradil and the Sons of Moria have combined to patrol and keep safe these waters to ensure safe passage of their many trading ships.

Sea of Ashes

The small body of water surrounding the Hidden Land is aptly named for many ships that try to venture into the thick fog seeking the once infamous Kingdom known as Mordor, retreat beneath a sky of ash and fire. Since the emergence of the shadowed isle into Jacmus-Prime, rumors abound of whirlpools and creatures of an insidious nature crashing through the hull of sea faring vessels.

Gaular Straights

In sharp contrast to the Sea of Ashes, this small body of water surrounding the Sedian Isles remains in a perpetual placid state. Though it is rare sailors come to a bad end while passing through the region, a depressive gray fog is ever present, often the cause of sudden disturbance and turmoil between crewman

Gulf of the Fae

To this day those who frequent these shores or sail often on fishing expeditions claim catching a wonderous glimpse of a shimmering rainbow flitting across the rippling waters, some even going so far as to describe spotting winged faries or mermaids. Scholars of the region explain the stories as no more than fleeting tricks on the eyes due to the colorful coral deep beneath the water”s surface.

Sea of Algid

These waters are traversed almost exclusively by trading vessels transporting between Arydus and Tianys. There are few rumors and little lore belonging to these waters, but any who have crossed them will boast surviving the bitter cold and stinging winds out of the North.

Antanaru Sea

Trade is prevelent between the Northern shores of Finaru and Arydus in this body of water, but more notable is its history concerning the fishing folk of Venuso. More ancient than the walled city of Arydus, or even Wardoluf, are the nomadic people renown for their peaceful nature – and their ability to survive in such hostile terrain. Throughout their history they have benefited from the sea”s generous bounty.

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