Personal artifacts within Jacmus Prime

Here lie some of the more personal artifacts that can be found in Jacmus Prime.

Each powerful Artifact has been painstakingly gained by the holder and contain ancient history and lore that dates back beyond the beginning times of Jacmus Prime.

Personal Artifacts

Juntai’s Claw

This claw was given to the legendary Juntai Ruiken as a symbol of respect and friendship by members of the Hellshades. The personal artifact was forced in the image of their own, a certain area of mastery infused into the claw much like Throsten and Terror, or Khelereth and Darkness. . . this is the claw of Power. After all these years the claw is still intact. Little else is known about the claw, aside that it is believed to be able to make direct contact with Juntai. Such however, is only superstition as surely Juntai — merely a man?(or is he?),?would be far too old to still exist..

Apocalypse Masmune

Formally the cane of Verbatim Delecose, Messenger Apock murdered Jester the Madd and used Dream Magic to change this into a mighty weapon. This massive sword is roughly four feet long, including the golden handle. The blade itself is a wide silver shaft, embedded with a dozen red rubies that extend up to the tip of the blade. Truly a terrifying blade, The personal artifact?has brought many deaths with it’s sharp edge in the hands of the Angel.


Across the length of the blackened steel blades and its curious runes that shone a sinister green hue as if the one who had forged the sword had poured his cruelty as well as his skill into the charred weapon. An elf once named the perfectly crafted blade ‘Narcissus’, which seemed to suit the way it flickered with an inner poison. Narcissus was lost for a hundred and thirty five years until it emerged in the hands of the captain of the harbor patrol in Jacmus Prime. Narcissus had called to him as if it were alive, whispering thoughts of carnage and destruction into his timid ears, before wreckage of his ship was found, with no apparent survivors.

Made from metal that had been harvested from a fallen meteor the blade was swift and precise, as light as a feather and as true as an arrow. Truly this personal artifact??would be a powerful weapon in the hands of any accomplished swordsman. The numerous runes etched along its blackened length written in a long dead tongue imbue the blade with not only sentience but also the ability to inflict acidic damage upon anything its teeth can sink into.

Calen Elear?? ‘Green Visionary’

A blade renowned through the Hyandac family.

Thousands of years ago, before the arrival of the four horsemen, a blade was created by a professional smithy, his mastery in the arts of fabrication with weapons was uncanny. It was said the soul of the possessor was manifested into the blades essence, amplifying the personal artifact’s?velocity, strength and versatility to the according attributes of it’s wielder.

The blade extends a lethal 3 feet, it’s divine edges capable of shearing the mightiest?mithril, it’s possessor alone being the collaborated source of it’s projected potential. A compliance of ore, Topaz and Onyx forged into one another forming Azure Garyn Dayne ore. Crafted into the legendary blade known as Calen Elear.

The handle of a dark green marble, inscribed perfectly is the body of a dragon god worshiped by the Hyandac’s in the time of their existence. It’s eyes of black jewels, their ability to contain an element is rumored throughout time. A square guard surrounding the merge of the blade to the handle, dangling from the guards contour are strips of material representing the royal status Dayne holds in combat. Two red representing the might of this warrior in combat, and one green indicating his heritage as king of Quell’Thallas. Adorning the blade”s lower end is the inscription of a deity of war, considered invincible to the Hyandacs.

Heaven’s Aim

Heaven’s Aim was created prior to the Gods War; it’s master a combination of archer, craftsman, and mage. Not much is known about its previous carrier only that he was slain during the great war, using his weapon to aid those at ground zero. However, perhaps it had been for naught due to those he struggled to save lives but for a few precious moments after Death’s Scythe took his life from the realm. None would remember his benevolence to persevere over darkness and yet, he lives on in his creation. Heaven’s Aim has long since been lost to the eyes of the realm, waiting to re-emerge at the hands of one who would use it’s power over the elements to bring justice to those who sought this?personal artifact?.

Trident of Glamdursil

The Trident of Glamdursil, a gift from the Dragon Vaalaeshaen the Silver dragon, and the four other Great Dragons to the king of the Krazaal’Thuan Dragon Knights. A seven foot trident with three forked ends, spiked base and maelstrom of colors. forged from the essence of the Five great dragons, lending their traits and abilities to it. From the Red dragon comes Strength and fire, From the Green cunning and acid, Blue wields agility and water, black gives forth speed and ice. The Great Silver dragon offers the wielder of this weapon knowledge and the control over light (Traits stay with the person, abilities come from the trident). Along with this weapon is the gauntlet of Krazzal’Thaun. A thing of dragon scales, a gleaming example of their supreme power. Engraved in both the Trident”s shaft and the gauntlets palm is the emblem of dragon in flight.

When willed, the Trident returns to the gauntlet’s wielders hand. For years the staff has been dormant, its powers lessened through time as to limit its powers. Once per day can the abilities of the Five great dragons be summoned forth to do the bidding of the Heir of Krazaal’Thaun. While the Trident can be used by any, and the gauntlet worn by all, the magical nature of the items will work only for a Dragon Knight, a member of the Krazaal”Thaun Order.

Soul Gem

The Poison Elves have all given up their souls, in exchange for the ability to be resurrected if they were to lose their life, to the Soul Gem. The Soul Gem can be used to resurrect the souls that dwell inside the gem. The Soul Gem was wielded into the pommel of a blade known as Possent, and although the blade does not give it?s user any magical abilities, or added powers, it does however bring about an mystical aura (seen as the color green if you can see auras) about the wielder.

The souls of the Poison Elves can be resurrected if during three days, (IRL days), the Poison Elf?s body has been retrieved, and a long ceremony (over 3 IRL hours) has taken place to bring the elf back into his body.? The ceremony must be completed without any interruption.

The blade Possent is a long sword, four and a half feet in length, with a silver hilt. The Soul Gem has a greenish hue to it, and within its depths swirl the souls of the Poison Elves.

Current wielder: Viriathus of Nyissa

Swallow of Quaden

When the Gods were at the peak of their power, there was a particular race that very few knew, and most had only heard:?Shapeshifters. The Quadens were a sect more fierce and knowledgeable than any of their kin. They coveted magic, yet at the same time despised any magic that was not theirs.

In fear they gathered together mages and blacksmiths who were mistaken for elves or humans simply because of their shapeshifter appearance and together they forged a weapon:?Swallow. ?Melded in the shape of a staff with a long double blade and likewise edged object latched on both ends, the weapon was created for physical contact. ? Should it touch or pierce any magical item, be it gem, tattoo or other artifact, it would begin to drain the magical item of its essence.? It is a slow process that requires the full concentration of the bearer allowing the magic to be absorbed into the weapon. Only a Quaden may bare the Swallow.

Whilst the weapon stored the magic it never released it.? Too much absorption of magic could render the weapon useless, causing it to overheat and burn the wielders hand.? The only way the wielder could discharge it, is to embed it into the ground and release the magical essence back into the earth.

Current wielder: Airek of the Quadens

The Sword of Rage

Forged in the blood of heroes slain following the apocalyptic battle between the sister civilizations, the blade was cooled in the reddened hues of spilt vitae. It’s blade is silvery, a tint of crimson running down it, swirling continuously in the angry spirit of those brave men whose lives were cut short.

The spirits inside the blade are still alive, after a fashion, and speak to the one who uses it. They will destroy any man who touches the hilt, if he be not of Rage blood, or was not given the sword by the one who previously owned it. The katana-like weapon is long, nearly four-feet of blade extend in featherlight.

The steel is made of folded mithril, a core of adamantite hidden inside the depths of the blade. It’s edge is so keen even stone can be cut, armor does not withstand the blows give by the Sword of Rage.

A single wound will inflame, the violence carried inside the sword will fester, if the user so wills it, and it takes only a nick to begin the infection process. Once it starts, it is hard if not impossible to cease. And even with magical aid, it will forever steal some of the strength of he who was afflicted.

The DarkBlood Katana

Counter to that of the Rage Sword, this weapon is more powerful, but more capricious. Held in the hand of Somber, the only true DarkBlood heir left, it is a devastatingly powerful weapon.

Matching dimensions with the Sword of Rage, the DarkBlood weapon is dark, forged from metal that fell from the sky, and tempered in the blood of a slain deity. The blade itself transcends the barriers of the gauntlet and gives strength who whomsoever wields it.

This personal artifact recognizes DarkBlood, and only DarkBlood. Not even it’s wielder may pass it on now, as none live who can reclaim it”s power save one, Erudite. And the sword is possessive, desiring it”s wielder as much as the wielder desires it.

It will jealously destroy any who take it, driving them insane in the course of a fortnight. Until finally, they perish from the horrible dreams, their heart literally stopped by the powers of the blade. It’s wounds will fester, but in a different way than those of the Sword of Rage. The wounds will enlarge slightly, become deathly cold, and spread the sickness into the wounded”s soul. Festering, pustulating in a way that none can truly see. The effects are immediate, and the damaged vessel begins to deteriorate from a spiritual and mental standpoint first, within hours it will leave only an empty husk.

The Fairy Cloak

A millennium ago, there were fairies in the lands, but they kept to themselves, not out in the world. That would all change when a small group of men happened upon a village ransacking and killing in search of fabled treasure, but none was to be found.

There was one survivor who let the memory fester in her until revenge became her total focus. Poemeth spent many night and day researching ancient books until she was able to weave a cloak made from the silk of the golden silk spider, lightweight, thin yet almost as strong as armor. Casting the spell upon the cloak, it now was like a chameleon and took on the appearance of its surroundings. Donning the cloak, and putting on the hood, she thus “disappeared? from sight, knowing the cloak would bond with its wearer.

Poemeth then found the men who had destroyed her life and waited until the five men came out of the local tavern and followed them until they were out of town. Invisible to the men she weaved and cast her spell of destruction hovering directly in front of them.

When the spell was released the men suddenly stopped walking as if their feet were cast in cement?then the night air was filled with their screams as they slowly burned. Directly afterwards, Poemeth hovered over the ashes and? gasping?her life ended as she was filled with grief and knowledge the evilness she had just done.

The cloak was never recovered and remained as a legend until ?.

Hidden, as it has been since the beginning of this personal artifact’s unknown creation, lies the Stiehl, a small dagger that can be easily obscured. It was designed for an assassin, as an alternative tool for interrogation to drain both blood and knowledge from the victim’s mind.

Should the user try to absorb too much of the victim’s mind, then this personal artifact will render the user’s mind blank for many days with excessive abusive leading to complete memory and intrinsic detail loss. Simplistic things such as walking, talking, breathing and eating would more than likely remain.

Few things could withstand the razor edge of the dagger, and even the tougher metals could be penetrated with exerting applied force. The secret location of such an artifact is held within a single scroll, in possession of a certain albino elf.

Falchion Aderma

When Oxrile reigned, well and alive, not dusted and decapitated, the demon prided on killing. The type of creature that he preferred the most as his quarry was the behemoth of skies, The Dragons. With a steel sword, magically enchanted by the strongest of demonic mages, was meant solely for the purpose of piercing a dragon’s tough and nearly impenetrable hide. But when put against anything else, whether it be steel or skin, would be rendered as a regular steel blade.

Obscured,by Oxrile himself, the Falchion”s location is embedded in an ancient and long forgotten language of ancient proportions, on his personal gauntlets to never be forgotten.

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