To understand how the world of Jacmus Prime began, the story of the Gods’ War is a must read.

The Gods’ War narrates how Jacmus Prime came to fall from its peak of glorified powers and overcrowded civilizations to a chaotic, yet simpler life where magic is hard to find.

If you are looking for inspiration or are curious to know more, of what this whole deal of fantasy is about, then the original Forward to Jacmus Prime will head you in the?right direction.

What is Jacmus Prime?

Play in chat
Jacmus Prime first established itself in Cheeta Chat in 2001, moving away from the Yahoo Chat rooms.

Jacmus Prime is a medieval fantasy role-play community. Much of the action takes place in our?Chat Rooms. The execution of the game through popular consensus is similar to free form storytelling. Loose textual and combat guidelines to promote fairness. The style of play is developed through improvised writing with players taking the part of characters.

Choice is highly regarded in our community

Players and their characters have the choice to create their own story, to make their own decisions.We allow our players to choose what is acceptable in roleplay and what is not acceptable.

If you are considering joining us, the pages listed below may assist your decision.? If you have already made the decision then these pages form our basic starter information.

Getting started

If you are new then this is a good place to start. It details the resources and tools?you will need for roleplaying in Jacmus Prime

  • where to find
  • how to set them up
  • where to find the play
  • how to connect with other roleplayers

Lexicon of Terms

Foreign to Chat??The Lexicon of Terms explains the more popular acronyms and terminology commonly seen in chat rooms especially those that bandied around by roleplayers.

This section features some of the more frequently asked questions about Jacmus Prime.

Where dice is often used for table top, the two popular forms of textual combat systems are

  • Type One (t1) or
  • Type Two (t2)


It is recommended that you keep powers and magics reasonable. Though there are no set rules that restrict the imagination, it is expected that those you roleplay with, will let you know if you have gone overboard.

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