Combat a matter of choice

Combat and conflict in roleplay can be intimidating, particularly for a new and inexperienced player. After all, you have spent quite a bit of time already creating a new online identity and if you are relatively new to roleplaying you may have created characteristics that are similar to your own personality.

Male Warrior
A warrior fights for his honor in the battle arena of Sargaso

So why would you put your character into a position where your character’s life is threatened?


At Jacmus Prime, you get to choose what happens to your character.

Your character may have the type of personality that would back away from argument or run with their tail between their legs. Then again, perhaps they are the type that would stand up and fight for what they believe in, or would come to the aid of another whose life is being threatened.

Just like the real world, most conflict does not result in physical violence and not all combat leads to death.

Often an argument be it physical or otherwise can help to change the understanding of a character if not immediately, then over time. It might make the character stronger or even weaker.

Combat : two warriors battle it out on the field outside the Hunters Lodge
Weapons used for combat at Jacmus Prime are derived from early to mid medieval times such as swords, spears, bows and arrows, fists, catapults, knives.

Combat in role-play should not be about who is better at arguing oocly or even the player who understands the rules more than the other. It should be about the story which your character is helping to evolve with other players.

Sometimes the death of a character can help to expand a plot and create more role-play. It can bring other characters to fight against a foe, change another character’s mind set to revenge or create a hero if the dying character is villan.

Resurrection or Nightlands

Resurrection is a possibility in Jacmus Prime. So to, is role-playing in ‘Nightlands’, a realm where the spirit is believed to go following death in the mortal realm, reincarnation might also be suitable for a plot line.

These choices should never be considered as an easy out for dying in combat and should always be used in context with the plot.

Type One (T1)

Type One or T1 is the default style for Jacmus Prime.

When players can not agree upon the method of combat T1 is played.

T1 is played in its more simpler form and you can learn about the rules of T1 and see an example by reading through the roleplay guides.

Players can agree upon other forms of combat, in particular:

The use of magic in combat has slightly modified variations of T1 and T2.

Death of a character

The death of a character is only one outcome of combat. Combat can actually help to bring an interesting development to your character’s story including the need for

  • healing
  • entrapment of will
  • a new weakness or disability
  • a new strength
  • gaining of a new weapon
  • learning a new ability
  • creating revenge for loved ones left behind
  • finding allies that come to the rescue

That is of course, if your character needs rescuing, for they might just be the victor instead.

Glistening Knight holding two-handed sword
Glistening Knight holding two-handed sword